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weitrhino's moveable audio feast

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Silly me.  I forgot to put any words into this post.


The Plats are about 3 feet from the sidewalls, 4 feet from the rear and are toed toward the geographic center of the room which is about 19x27.  From the vantage point of the first pic there are couches on either side which angle toward the rear center of the room. There's about 18" of space to the rear of the coffee table/rack. Under the left side of the table is a Powervar power conditioner running all the components, the amps are powered directly from the wall.  My Pioneer multidisc player stayed with my HT setup so I had to drag out the old Apex cd player.  It has a fair amount of mechanical noise but it will have to do until the Oppo BDP-93 comes my way.  The system has already changed since I took these pics.  A TX-11b has replaced the TX-11a. In this new room I still have no proper listening chair, but when one arrives the components will move to a small rack within arms reach to the side with only the amps remaining on the table.  Until then there's no space for the TT.

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I keep forgeting you have those gorgeous amps that you were so lucky to win.....wish I had your luck,

they really are stunning.....your whole system is. Beautiful room as well.


You must have electric fence installed at the door to keep the kids out.

Or maybe your better at raising them than me........I could hardly wait

until they were old enough.......to use money as bribe tactic.
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That's a beautiful room and equip setup, Rodney.  Does the peaked ceiling create any problems?


No, not that I've really noticed.  If anything it makes the room a little less 'boxy.'  It works pretty well now but I'm playing with the toe-in and thinking about reflections. 
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nice indeed. may i sudjest a nice jolida cd or dvd player from jolida.net at a great price. i bought a jd100se and jd700mkII. infact, i have another 100se coming my way as well. prices are great for the moment. that system looks sweet indeed. maybe i could check it out one day in person as i live not too far away in manning, sc. cheers.

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Yes Dennis, these are the 4th set made before Bob put the meters into the design.  These have the vintage military spec transformers, not the ones Bob started winding himself.
Angelo, sure you can.  I'm bound to have a get-together sooner or later.

Thanks to all for the kind words. 
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I thought it was about time for some updated pictures and also a chance to fiddle with my new camera a bit.



Gone is the Tx-11a replaced with a TX-11b that was in immaculate condition.  The noisy Apex disc player has also been replaced by the mighty Oppo BDP-93 which is now dedicated simply to audio.  I often run music from a loose hard drive connected to the Oppo's front side USB port.  The small LCD atop the stack is used for file navigation because there's no TV connected.  I run the C-9 Sonic Holography through an external processor loop on the C-16 because I simply prefer the versatility offered on the C-9 instead of the internal SH in the C-16.  The TD-1400 is unchanged sporting the blue LED upgrade.



Here's a better look at the loose hard drive and LCD.  I purchased the screen from EarthLCD.com a couple years ago because of it's simplicity; it offers a composite video input in a 16x9 format in standard definition.  The hard drive makes many trips back and forth to the computer downstairs.



A view of my nice new comfy chair!



Here's a better sense of the listening space.  Speaker toe-in has been drastically reduced from the original picture which broadened the soundstage considerably.



A purely gratuitous picture of glass.



Here's one of a pair of nifty dust covers my mom custom made for me.  I'm extremely satisfied with the whole set-up. 

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...I'm extremely satisfied with the whole set-up. 


Yeah, I can see why.  That's a great-looking room, Rhino.


I need to get a little LCD like that for my Oppo, so I don't have to turn on the big TV just to listen to some music.
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