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A happy receiver! (Rod-H)

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As mentioned in another post, Jazzman57 kindly provided me with a pair of solid oak sidepanels for my MXR2000.

The finish is fantastic - fit was bang on too - anyone who's seen pics of Charlies handiwork won't be surprised.


Anyway for those who may be interested here are a few pictures:









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In my office, for now.


It's not really enough power for a 10 X 8 space, but I'll make do.emwink.gif


The littlest ones have not yet earned the privilege of coming into the man-cave sound room. Button pushers!

But they did get the big flatscreen relocated to the playroom.


My oldest (5) is very good about not touching things like buttons, knobs, & TURNTABLES yikes.gif

I'd trust him around tube gear now.


The girls will get figured out  it soon enough!
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Your receiver looks great.  I really like the look of my MRX-130 that I did a few months ago with Cherry sides.


Having the wood fill the area behind the rack ears on these receivers creates a good retro look.


I remember going to a stereo store with my parents at a very young age and hearing the sales person talking about the wood sides being an extra cost option.  I don't remember what brand gear he was selling.   My Carver receiver is the first piece of stereo gear I have owned with wood sides.  Kind of the audio equivalent of owning a woody wagon.


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That pile of wood would make a house full of furniture or even more Caver side panels!!!


A pile of quarter sawn oak that big is valuable enough to store inside in a finished room as opposed to in the garage under a tarp.


My wife loves big speakers but would probably have a problem with what such a pile of wood would do to the decor!!


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If you wanted the same look on a Carver preamp, tuner and amp I believe that it could be done.


Other than fabricating the wood, you would have to drill and tap additional holes to attach the four machine screws that go through the wood and into the side of each unit.  I would not think that this would be a problem.


It would be great if someone attempts this project.  I am satisfied with the wood on my Carver receiver, I am not sure that I am ready to try this on my Carver separates yet without someone being the guinea pig. Could be an interesting project.


We should have a new forum section:


Pimp My Carver!! 
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There are a number of thin high grip two-sided tapes available - no drilling required, and with a little work the panels could later be removed leaving no evidence of the mod....
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I guess that you could use machine screws for where the existing screws go through the sides and tape for the other areas. 


If I liked the look, I might be tempted to drill additional holes and tap treads into the sides so the sides have four symetrical screw heads and could be taken apart easily for whatever additional modifications that forum members can dream up.


I guess my decision would be based on whether the screw holes of the each unit are lined up so the screws would line up on an entire stack.  This discussion is probably getting to anal.


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