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Hmmm.......I thought I had done this already.


Here goes:


Amps+ pre/pro:


Sunfire TGA-5400

Sunfire TGP-5

Grant Fidelity A-88

Yamaha RX-V659

HK 540i

Technics SU-G50, new class A

B&K Reference 50




Raysonic 128

Denon 2930ci




Original ALS

Selah Audio Symmetrica Array

Selah Audio 128 Array

(2) Selah Audio dual 12" subs

GR Research Venue-Open Baffle

Selah Sardonyx center


Lucidity Audio bookshelfs

Scott S197





MIT 330 series two

Better cables RCA- Eichman terminated

Better cables XLR

XLO Digital

Carver Audio RCA (waiting for delivery)

DIY 99.99% silver 30awg


Speaker cables:


XLO HT-6 12' (2 pairs)

Various 12+16 ga cables











Thanks for looking,



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Thanks Rich,


The equipment rack is actually a closet organizer I modified from home Depot.

It looks cool, but is a pain in the butt to work on. Soon all my stuff will be in

my new 2ch room, soon to be renovated attached garage, and the rack will be for

my HT stuff.


If your speechless just talk to my wife, she has all kinds of words to describe my gear.....[-(


Thanks for lookin......and the nice words.



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Great pictures.


Wow that is some top of the line equipment, and it looks awesome.


What are the speakers that look like they are made out of stone?

Did you make those?

How heavy are they?


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Balok......yep laminate, been in construction for 30yrs, for 15 of those I owned a company that built stores in malls.....learned a trick or two..:)


Blues..... the ones that look like stone are the GR Research Open baffles. With out the outboard amps they weigh about 115 lbs., They arrays are a little

heavier...about 130lbs. I DIYed all the speaks but the Originals and the bookshelfs, keeps me busy in the long Canadian winters. Wait till you see what Ihave in mind for next fall......:D/

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Gary....the rails are fastened to the wall up top and the floor down below. I was going to make thicker shelfs (still might)


Thanks guys,



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Really impressive, Perry! I may look into a conversion of some sort of organizer/shelving like that to work on my 2 ch main system and play around more easily than in the closed cabinet now being used in my living room. (Of course, fastening the top and bottom to the wall and floor will be an issue -- "diamond finish" hard plaster wall, brick flooring.....)


Congrats! And you're very gainfully occupied during the winter months! =d> =d> =d>

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Its more of a give and take thing.......


She gets to raise, train and show arabian horses all over the continent......that I pay for ](*,)


In turn I get to have too much audio stuff.....that I pay for:-k


I give, she takes.....waf is off the charts.....o:)


She isnt that happy about all the gear in the house, by mid summer I will have my audio room built, out of sight out of mind.



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Guest nclh77

Ahhh, women, they make the highs higher, and the lows more frequent!


Bless them though. Can't live with em and can't live without them.


Been married 19 years myself to a wonderful woman I met in Mexico.

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Actually......when you add it all up it doesnt cost as much as other hobbies.....like boating or skidoos or quading


You want to see $$ fly out the door just get your kids into show horses.......at my barn please....o:)



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I am finally home for couple of weeks.....but for a few courses, the days are all mine :)

Thought I would take the time to move my arrays up from the dungeon and give them a go

in my new room.....it was a struggle hauling them up 2 flights of stairs by myself.....


I havnt started any treatments yet, I want to listen to all my speakers before and after.

So I hooked all the gear up and started to listen.......very surprising!


The arrays, when first built, were in my living room......a very bright room, bare floors and such.

They didnt sound right up there.....when I moved them to the HT room they were much better.

It is not a big room, and although I had a pair of budget arrays designed for rears...I didnt have them

hooked up for long as they took up too much room....I use a pair of bookshelves now and the back

arrays just sit .....waiting.


They were the first.......I was really quite surprised. They were never as detailed as my big array, but they really

opened up in the new room. I tried a bunch of different music.....where these really shine is with Rock....Rush, ZZ-top,

VH, Metallica really sounds good......wow.


Next the main arrays.....this was really an eye opener. They say arrays need room to breath.....in my HT

room I have no choice but to keep them a few inches off the wall......here they are 6' back...and the sound that

came out of these this morning shocked me!.....these are starting to rival my OBs.....never would of thought that possible.


I am going to try and get all the material together for the room treatments so I can start making them in the next month or so.

The OBs need the reflections tamed.....and I wonder what the arrays will do with It.


In these pics I am using the Sunfire TGA-5400, TGP-5, Raysonic 128 CDP, MIT RCA interconnects, XLO speaker wire.


Heres some pics.....bout time I had something to add to this thread!!




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