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Nice PDR!
Are the lighter array's using drivers from Parts Express?  The planers look like their Dayton PT2C-8's. Where is your second order at and did you use your own crossovers in them?  Really cool PDR.

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"Hi, My names Perry, and I like lots and lots of drivers..."emwink.gif


Seriously though, some day (In my dreams...emcrook.gif) I want to build a set of arrays like that.

Too cool!

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Thanks guys......Its the coolest thing to have my own space....only took 50 yrs.....




My electronic knowledge is about ziltch.......I just enjoy listening to great sound.

So I trust in others that have established themselves and I buy their creations.

For the OBs it was Danny Ritchie from GR Research......for the subs,arrays, and center

it was Rick Craig from Selah audio. Cant tell you much about the X-overs....but I can tell you what drivers are in the arrays.


In both arrays there are Hi-Vi drivers....available from parts express

The 4"

The 3"

The Dayton planers on the small array

The Fountek ribbons on the big array

The cost of these ribbons(16 for a pair) adds up in a hurry......but the sound is amazing 


The subs also use Daytons

They use 500watt O-audio bash amplifiers.


The thing to remember is....they sound great.....but the OB from GR Research.........

Lets just say I've compared it to some pretty exspensive gear....like the these...

and its a no brainer how much better the OBs are.


Rod........count them......136 drivers....not including the bookshelves and guitar amp!

Another way to look at it........136 things to replace....

I know ....its just stupid.......what can I say!.......I love it!



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They look great Perry.  I've read a lot of good things about those planrs and hmmmmmmm, they sure look an awful like some Sunfire speakers. emwink.gif
I've had good luck with the Dayton woofers from PE as well.
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That looks fantastic, Perry.  If it sounds HALF as good as it looks, you still have it made.  Also, I thought that I was the only one who puts stereo equipment on coffee/end tables.emwink.gif
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  • 2 weeks later...
Thank you guys......its been a journey.


Well at 50 yrs old I can honestly say I am content with my system.


I still want to build a set of horns.....and try some different tube gear though.....


That tube amp of Baloks looks very cool....and its made right here in my town.....hmmm
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  • 1 month later...
Had a very cool day today.....


I last had my A760x up and running about 6 mos(or longer) ago.

Had some friends over and I was showing off some of my gear. I have never really had the 760 placed anywhere

so I hauled it up and hooked it up to my originals......I cant remember what I was using as a pre at the time.....

the left channel didnt work......the needle didnt dance.I was entertaining at the time, so back down to my office it went.

So its been sitting since.

On the 5 hr drive home today I started thinking about it ......

Thought I should check the fuses, so when I got home I pulled it up, took the cover apart.....

All the fuses were fine.

Hooked up a cd player direct to the amp and tried it......

Nice.......both needles dancing.

So for all this time I thought it was the amp.......must of been the pre(or the hook-up to it).....sweet!


Now I just have to figure out what to do with it......


Except for the Originals.....a friend is taking them.......all my speaks could be run with 12w 
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Check that the RCA input socket for the offending channel isn't loose.  They tend to pull right out on the big A-lines, especially if you use very tight interconnects.
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Hmmmm........not karma......maybe trade?

Sure liked that DAC 90...........eusa_whistle.gif



I am going to Karma something else....rhymes with Dee Sea Sex,benty door miney sticks
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LOL.....if she thought it would get rid of the rest of the audio stuff laying around the house she would of given me the dining room table.

Once spring arrives she will get them back when I build a proper table/rack.

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Guest Onangenman

My wife won't let me use her furniture so I once used some coffee trays, but one collapsed with the weight of my Phase linear 700 II. Now my amps are on my sub-woofers.



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  • 3 months later...
Theres a discussion on the "other" site about room treatments.......motivated me to start building mine.


Going to try and have them done by Sun or Monday.....going to break out power tools....hope I have all 10 fingers next time I post....emwink.gif


I'll take some pics as I build them.......feel free to comment, give advice.....If you see me doing something wrong please let me know........thanks.

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Well.....am rained out right now and because I'm building them outside the bass traps will have to wait till I'm in town next.
I did manage to get the four panels built. The one on the floor behind the gear is to go on the ceilings first reflection point.
The bass traps will be built out of 12" sona tubes cut in half and stretched to about 24" wide...like this  (:::::). The void behind them in the corner will be filled with Insulation that is rolled up. They will also be covered in fabric and be about 7" tall.
On a side note....my wife came out to see what I was up to and somehow she caught her foot on my radial arm saw. We spent most of the next am at the hospital....she now has a broken foot!!!.....and a man slave.......me.

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