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I work these odd shifts.......10 days out of town and 4 days in. Am home today.
One of the things I noticed when I installed the treatments were the focus of the instruments and voice they seemed to be better placed(?) or pinpointed......it was a nice. I thought perhaps I lost a bit of my soundstage......but I think it was just because I had covered first reflection points.The change didnt strike me as "wow" I changed components like a lot of people say. On the drive home today I stopped at a small gas station as I do every time I come home and bought a couple of new CDs...it routine for me, they have a great selection for about $10 a piece. On the rest of the drive home I listen to them and wait to try them on my system. Last time home I really didnt get much time in my room as my wife broke her foot and I was appointed man slave for the rest of the weekend........when I did listen is was to my reference music as I thought
this would give me the best take on how my system reacted to the new treatments. For some reason when I got home today I didnt pop the new CDs into the player.......I popped some old ones that I didnt like the sound of....usually to harsh to my ears....I was pleasantly surprised......they sound a ton better....I put quite a few in tonite and wow...much much better....it almost as if I changed a component........cool. I am going to get the bass traps and center diffusor built this weekend if the weather cooperates......wonder if they will make as big as difference?
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Well I finished up installing the treatments today.
There are 2 new bass traps in the corners and curved diffuser 
on the back wall. The curved diffuser is used by a few people I know
with dipoles, I gave it a shot and it really opened the soundstage up ...who knew.
The tree was applied by my daughter and I......a wall sticker from Walmart.
Next time I'm in town it will be a gear stand and proper CD storage....have a few ideas.
Cant find my good camera.....sorry for the poor pic
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Congrats on your latest tweeks, it must be even more satisfying knowing you designed and built it yourself.

Every time you show more pictures of the room, and your new additions and decorations it just looks more outstanding, enjoy...........
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If only I could take a decent flippin picture......eusa_wall.gif


Thanks for the compliments...


It is pretty dang cool to have building skills......but I would trade some for a better understanding of electronics.

I guess everyone has a place, mine is with power tools....although I am going to try a DIY amp kit this winter.

You can bet dollars to donuts the initial power on will be in the back yard wth an extension cord....emdgust.gif


I find the older I get the more I appreciate my music time......read alone time.

My family is also happy I have my own room......I dont intrude on girl things this way.

With a couple of women in the house, and my son on his own.......there is way more chick cluster than guy stuff.

The room keeps me from tripping over their things......I should build my own bathroom.....with a urinal......sweet!


Some better pics.....









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Sounds like we have similar skill sets Perry though it appears your decorating abilities far exceed mine.
If the room sounds even half as good as it looks you've got yourself a heck of a man cave. msp_thumbup.gif
As to your photos I suggest more light, a faster shutter speed and/or a steady tripod.
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  • 3 weeks later...
I gave my Father inlaw this TT about 10 yrs ago.....he bought a new one and asked if I wanted it back....
YEP....Its a NEC that I bought about 1986.....I think......oldtimers kicking in....
I know its not a great unit......but I have the bug to try vinyl again and if I enjoy it I'll step up.
Hes going to bring me some albums out of his 1000 strong collection......dont know what yet.
Think I'll be doing some shopping.....
This isnt mine....but identical.
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It doesn't look like a bad table — probably no worse than my JVC QL-L2
Here's mine with the top removed housed in an old Victrola cabinet.
I use a Shure V15-VP p-mount cartridge on mine.
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Received the TT and listened to 4 albums that came with it.....msp_thumbup.gif
Need to get a new cartridge and perhaps a few more albums....maybe I'll try doubling my collection...lol.
Made good use of my weekend off, and of the help my father inlaw offered.
Decided to get my gear off the ground, Had been throwing the idea of a suspended gear cart. But decided that it wasnt
really needed.....translates to too much work!
I did get a couple of "D" profile steel studs from work, a piece of 3/4" plywood, a few porcelain tiles, a couple cans of
of spray paint and some 4" ABS plastic pipe and 8 caps for the pipe.
Started cutting and screwing painting and gluing...........this is what we came up with....
The "D" studs were cut and fastened together at the corners with a piece of 18ga angle. Then we took 3/4" plywood and
placed it under the top lip of the stud, then fastened them together with additional angle.
Got out the 150 grit sandpaper and gave the studs a good sanding, once this was done I gave it a few coats of Tremclad
"Wild Raspberry".......picked this color as it accented my room colors.
While we were waiting for the paint to dry we started on the legs that we made from the ABS pipe. Sized them, then cut out one quarter of the pipe so that they would inset on each of the four corners.
They were painted with a plastic paint....the type you would paint your plastic lawn chairs with.
After that we assembled them, attaching the pipe to each corner and placing a cap on the top and bottom of each.
Then we glued black tiles on to the plywood. before we placed them we caulked black silicone on the plywood where each tile joint would be. There is about 1/16" of an inch gap.....didnt want to see the ply in between.
 Before we placed the table I fastened a 12' piece of rope lighting under the table to give some lighting underneath.
The effect is very cool in my room........cool0016.gif
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Did I read over on audiocircle that you bought a Musical Paradise tube integrated amp?

Did I miss the review or didn't it show up yet?

Inquiring minds like mine want to know!

The suspense is killing me - what speakers are you using, what size room, how does it compare to what you were using, can you get one with a headphone jack, is it as nice looking in person as it is in the pictures, did it catch on fire when you plugged it in, what kind of tubes are you using, is it loud enough, any hum issues or is it quiet, etc.?
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Yes......Baloks mind meld (yeah, I know hes not Vulcan) made me purchase a Musical Paradise 401.....eusa_dance.gif
Actually it was the 401 that he brought over for an audition that made the sell....Its a really nice little amp.
And I think he'll attest that it sounds fantastic on my GR OBs 
I set up a kicking HT system a few yrs ago, the Sunfire gear and the Selah arrays were hard to beat.......but.
Since my daughter has decided to turn 15 soon, we just dont spend much time watching movies, she has other
My interests have turned almost 100% into 2 ch since the new room and I've been using my Sunfire gear while my GF-A-88 has been down..... and for the few movies we will watch in the future I have a Yamaha RXV569 (please keep the boos down). After hearing Lees MP, I decided I needed tubes again, not a 400w x 5 ch amp for 2ch listening.......so I have sold the 5400 and am waiting for a buyer on the TGP-5.....sad for me, I liked the Sunfires but they were going to waste.
I have talked to Gary the designer of the Musical Paradise gear and am meeting him this Saturday to pick up the 401.
As an added bonus he has agreed to fix my A-88.......yeah!! Soon I'll have 2 tube amps.....sweet.
I am going to use it on my Open baffles, and once the A-88 is repaired I'll decide which to keep on the OBs in the 2ch room. The other will go to the living room with my big arrays. The smaller arrays will pull front duty on the HT with the Yamaha (please keep the boos down) and the rest of the HT speakers.
This means that my sole Carver gear will be the A760x, Since Lee is the new owner of my ALS......hope that keeps me in the forum! 
As soon as I get some personal time in with all my disco music (J/K) I'll give a review........and no, its much nicer looking in person than on the web site. I'll post pics on Sunday with all the glowing toobs...... 
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