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Gene C's System

Gene C

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 The Chain:
Digital Source

Waida 171i
Analog Source

Carver SD/A-490T
Other Sources

Sharp BD-AMS20U Blu-ray
Signal Processors

Pre Amp

Sunfire TGP-III
Power Amp

2 Carver M-4.0T, Carver M-200, Carver AV-705x

Infinity Kappa 9a, Infinity CC-2, 4 Infinity C255ES

Infinity PS-312, 2 Martin Logan Dynamo 1000
Speaker Cables


Power Cables


System Rack

Power Conditioning

Monster/ Amps run straight into 20a dedicated circuit.
Tuning and Tweaks

Other Components
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Beautiful system, you should be very proud.
I would love to hear the Infinity set up one day. 

 Thanks! Next time your in AZ hit me up. Your more than welcome to hear it for yourself.Party!

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ah ha! You're running your amps off a power conditioner. Some have current limiting clamps - do check this out to see if that is part of your current starvation problem.

Nooooo sir. Those amps go straight into a 20a circuit i dropped for the amps alone. That monster power cleaner is for the TV, DVR, Blu-ray, CD all that other stuff that doesn't ask for a whole lot in the way of power. I'll be honest though when i first bought it that was the idea to run clean power to everything, but that changed long before i started playing around with the sunfire amps. The only way those amps would see a power conditioner is if i had one of those huge $1,700.00 jobbies, which i don't think is worth it. Just so you know they not really starved they do an outstanding job. But when im trying to peel my face off i just have to be careful with them is all.

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Power Conditioning

Monster/ Amps run straight into 20a dedicated circuit.


This is what mislead me then.


It is indeed a very nice system.

Yah, see what you mean. Thank you. 


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Looking good, Gene. I suspect you've put a fair amount of thought into it. Enjoy!

Yes and no. The amps i had alot of experience with in high school on a pair of Kappa 8's, so the 9's in a way were familiar territory to an extent. The Sunfire took some getting used to, was a little intimidated with a 9.3 setup, position of speakers and room size. The bi pole speakers were a last minute change, needed more of an indirect sound stage for positioning. The learning curve was quick with the help of an spl meter and experimentation with the calibration on the sunfire, had it dialed in within 2 weeks for the time i had. The subs i think were what took the most time getting tuned for the room, alot of crawling and switching involved there, literally....wife thought i had lost my mind. 


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  • 5 weeks later...
Changing setup around, glad i kept the glass inserts for the doors. Have 2 Silver Seven t's that are going to be going in the empty spots above the other Silver Seven t's courtesy of Papa Joe. He's getting both M-4.0t's along with the trade. The TFM-42's will be running the Sunfire CRS3's. Post more pictures later as it comes together.
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