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Gene C

Steves Tube Roadshow/Karma?

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Not sure what to call this so bear with me. Steve loaned me a box of tubes to test out on my WA6 headphone tube amp. He asked to see if i could develop some interest amongst you guys. Test out some tubes and if you like a particular set, im sure he'll let you keep them if he likes you. happy0009.gif If your not enamored with any of them, move them forward or send them back to Steve. I will let him dictate any other rules if there are any. These are Steve's tubes that he is willing to pay forward. I will cover shipping to interested Member/Moderator in the U.S. or Canada. Here are tubes as follows from left to right........... 1 SOVTEK 5U4G Rectifier, 4 RCA 6DE7, 2 Raytheon 6DE7 and 2 Chinese 5654W tubes. If you have any questions please PM Steve Ford or just ask here. All you have to do is say in. Thanks.

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That 247B tube that came with it is a very nice and musical. A very specific tube(as the wiring and caps are very specific to it. I would not try to run one of the 5U4G family on the rectifier-the others roll em and see what you get.
Great take it forward type of Karma though!


Oh no. I am very happy with the Sophia Electric rectifier tube in the WA6. Didn't even have a desire to find out what the Russian one sounded like. emwink.gif

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