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Reese's Pieces


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If I can get the pictures to load, here's my main set-up -- although there's been an SDA390t and SDA 490t CD player added, plus a C-19, a C-9, and a BBE 362 "sonic maximizer" -- maybe pictures of the new stack soon.


Following is the inventory, not all active in the main set-up at this time:



Amazings Originals upgraded to Platinum ribbons/x-overs

Silver 7t's and Silver 9t's

C-4000t preamp

C-19 tubed preamp

C-9 sonic holography generator

S/DA 390t multi-disc CD player (and a second one on its way[-o< )

2 x S/DA 490t CD players



Sony ES tuner

Sony ES DAT deck

(a Sony ES CD carousel has died and can't be revived - but seen in the stack photos when it was still working)

Sony dual-well cassette deck

Sony CD changer/CD copier-burner


Dual C5000 turntable, Shure V-15 Type VMR cartridge

AKG 701 headphones

TEAC 4-track tape deck


adcom 515 AC enhancer

adcom 565 preamp

adcom 5800 amp


BBE 362 "sonic maximizer" processor

yet to be installed: Rane active x-over and 2 Rane equalizers for bi-amping the ALS's


2 pairs Magnepan MGIIb planar speakers (in two bedroom systems)


miscellaneous CD/DVD players, one with VHS/DVD capability

Mitsubishi and Minolta HiFi VHS decks

Realistic (Radio Shack) small bookshelf Minimus 77 speakers with Mitsubishi CRT Tv in the home office/workout room

Optimus (Radio Shack) larger bookshelf speakers with Linaeum tweeters (like ESS) -- use TBD

Denon small 5.1 home theater system



Hmmmm I need to donate some stuff to the charity shops!










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Hopefully I won't be moving too much around after this -- except for placing the Ranes somewhere! Ummmm, I forgot to mention there's a TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel tape deck hiding behind the stuff on the lower left side in the cabinet! Not sure what to do with that (I do have a good collection of 10" reels of stuff recorded off the radio, etc. but so long ago the acetate tape is probably ruined by now, and the TEAC really needs either some service or to be donated somewhere, I think)



In the lower left where the record albums/blank CDs, and other stuff is showing in the pictures -- that's where I may put the Rane eqalizers and the Rane x-over -- or maybe I'll have to put those behind the ALS's on the floor (not exactly attractive, though). I think it makes more sense (to my tiny brain) to put them near the pre and the amps maybe through a processor loop, send more speaker wire out to the ALS's to each upper and lower to the leads at the ribbons/woofers etc. But that's a future project.


I have removed the adcom big heavy amp and the adcom pre from the stack you see here, replacing them by dropping the C4000t (and adding on top of the C4000t the new C-19) into their places; added a 490t in the right middle, kept the adcom AC enhancer/sequential power switch, just added in the BBE and the C-9 a few days ago in the middle right area, deleted a dead Sony CD carousel above, replaced it with a 390t CD carousel. For right now, things are sort of in place and everything's working fine. It definitely is not fun unhooking anything any more!


To be placed into some system in the other rooms somewhere: another 490t and the coming 390t ([-o< ) -- probably in the master bedroom with one set of Maggies, the adcom 5800 250w/channel amp and the adcom pre with a 490 t. The other 390t (if I keep both) could go into the HT setup on a shelf in the TV armoire -- I like the Denon speakers quality a lot in the 5.1 -- could just play it through the 2-channel stereo mode or figure out how to include the subwoofer in that configuration. The Denon receiver already has CD/DVD capability -- but I'd like to use the Carver tubed SDA 390t for its own qualities.



A surfeit of stuff, indeed! lol


I'll add some photos of the Maggies and maybe the HD TV and sound setup there, plus the 2-channel in the master bedroom at some point for y'all.

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What kind of interconnects are you using? That could run into quite a bit just there.


Well, I "just" use Monster/Radio Shack Gold series audio cables (although there is digital and fiber optical option on the CD player and the DAT deck) - nothing exotic, really hi-end, nor ueber-pricey.....Eventually, maybe -- or at least on one or two components -- I'm not intending to spark any debates about power cords or pure silver interconnects or magic smoke here, yanno?


Could my brain and body take any more "awesome"? I don't know.

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-mr reese; your system iz 'my speed'



-pics are stunning to me...i really appreciate your vintage audio system



-you have my favorite gear from 'the american legend'




-beautiful work =d>




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Just received the C-16 from Rick Ott today around noon! Woohoo!


Beautiful, well packed, with manual, and 1 1/2 day delivery time! (DHL shipped Monday, I believe)


Setting it up and testing that everything functions (check)

Connect 490t CD player (check)

Remember to buy another set of interconnects and dump the thin wire crummy old RCAs I found to test with (check)

Connect AKG headphones for simple listening w/o having to hook up the speaker cables (check)

Decide where to set this system up for now and more permanently (check)

High five myself on the purchase (check!)


Now THAT'S what ahm talkin' 'bout!




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reese the c-16 and the c-6 are identical except for color' date=' so let me know how you like it.[/quote']




-'cuts'; ...'words fail me' , 'everything else, might as well be two dixie cups and a string'...j/k o:)

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