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Gene C

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Joke about a Talking Dog.


A guy saw a sign in a yard that said: "TALKING DOG FOR SALE - $10"


The guy laughs and says, "Yeah right, I gotta' check this out."


He knocks on the door and an old man answers.


The guy says, "I saw the sign for the talking dog for sale."


The old man says. "Yep, he's out back."


They walk around to the back, and the old man leads the guy to the fenced-in area where the dog was sleeping.


The guy asks, "He really talks, huh?"


The old man bangs on the fence and screams, "Wake up, idiot, someone's here to see you."


The dog wakes up and walks over to them and sees the guy standing there.


The dog says, "Hey there, how are you?"


The guy is shocked, and says, "Holy cow, you can really talk; how the hell is that possible?"


The dog says, "Well, when I was born, the government put a chip in my brain to make me smarter and give me the ability to talk.  They used me for many covert operations all over the world.  I helped take down some of the worst criminals ever.  I even helped take down Saddam Hussein."


The guy is stunned, and says to the old man, "This dog is amazing.  How could you sell him for $10?"


The old man says, "Because he's a damn liar.  He didn't do any of that stuff!" 



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