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Do you know any Jokes? Cartoons? Funny Memes?

Gene C

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37 minutes ago, itchitch said:


Okay - I am usually pretty sharp but...


Why don't I get this one?

It's a joke that an eng buddy made for his know it all stepson, when he was helping him fix his WXR.

I guess the kid would not listen to what he was being told. So out came the Piston return springs....LOL

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I saw this movie when I was 23 and thought, “Man, what a lunatic!”
I saw it at 33 and thought, “I mean, I guess he might have a point in there somewhere, but still - that’s insane.”
At 43, it became “Well, ok. I kind of get it, now. A bit extreme, but I get it.”
Today at 53? “I have no problem with anything this man is doing”


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