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Raided the record stores today

Gene C

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I didn't find it but it really doesn't surprise me either, this must be a REALLY RARE LP

found one on Ebay but look at the PRICE “WOW” RUSH
Hope to find it cheaper than that, this is something I like to carry in the store I plan on opening

in Tennessee maybe next year and looking for unusual items for it, I'm still looking for this LP


But I did pick up a limited edition Beatles Picture LP limited to 1000 pressing and I am going to frame it with a original 1964 Saturday Evening Post when The Beatles came to America

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Picked up this vinyl today:
Goddess of fortune self uk press
Rick wakeman the six wives of Henry VIII
Rick wakeman no Earthly Connection
Sky forth coming
Sky five live 2lp set german press
Savoy Brown lions share VG cover
Daybreak and comes a time
Goddo lighve 2lp set
Klaatu endangered species
John lodge natural avenue
Curved air phantAsmagoria vg cover
Incredible string Band hard rope &silken twine vg copy
Michael Quattro in collaboration with the gods
Seventh wave psi-fi vg cover
Steve hillage motivation radio vg cover
Steve hillage self titled
Alan parsons project the turn of the friendly card
Alan parsons the best of
Emerson lake brain salad surgery
Keith Emerson the nice autumn to spring vg cover
Moody blues the present
Moody blues question of balance
Spirit the family / feedback 2lp comp...
Jefferson airplane the worst of
Caravan cunning stunts vg- cover
Premiata forneria marconi photos of ghosts
Harmonium self titled
Rhinoceros satin chickens vg cover
Family bandstand
Family fearless family
Family anyway
Alex Harvey band live
Silk Torpedo pretty things
Anyone see something they need?
And it's time for a new TT for me!
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Decided to visit "Disk Replay" by taking the bus and see if my 3 hour search could provide me with some new -old vinyl?
Picked up "Dire Straits" Self Titled vinyl in near mint condition with a like new jacket.Was their last copy!
Grabbed "RUSH 2112" with a beat up jacket but terrific vinyl copy and "Caress Of Steel" in a like new jacket and vinyl pressing.
Also nabbed their last copy of  up "Led Zeppelin's In through The Out Door" with a average jacket but super vinyl pressing. 
I then decided to not buy Simon & Garfunkel's " Book Ends" also the only copy I could find but found their latest and greatest digitally remastered Greatest Hit's CD in mint condition for a grand total of $25Big Grin
Vinyl is back in a big way as I have never seen so many people there looking through all the used vinyl that's stored below the CDs in milk crates in a mixed up mess that requires some serious patience to sort through. I'm sure my knee's will be killing me for the next week or so but it was worth it. Sorry no photo's as I have no camera on my cheapo cell phone.
I need to buy a cheap camera if anyone has one to sell? Just good enough to take simple photo's.
Please PM me if anyone has a cheap camera they are no longer using since all smart phones have them built in.
My cell is a free government Cell phone and beggars can't be choosers since I'm on a fixed monthly income.
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