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Tuberific Q&A from Bob Carver's eBay auctions

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Just for the record, the used pair of Cherry 180's with meters mentioned above sold August 13, 2011 for $3550 (a steal!) and is the first I've known of any to be resold. Bob posted a question to the auction verifying their authenticity and backed up his pledge to repair them for life should anything go wrong. It's pretty safe to say this price was at least $2000 less than the original sale from Bob. Here's the auction text just for reference:


Bob Caver's Mono-block "Cherry 180s" clipping at approximately 245 watts rms. This pair is mint except for a little dust in the cracks. Great sounding pair of Mono-blocks. They have been used for maybe 300 hours. I have three different sets of Mono-blocks and I decided I should let these go since I do not use them. I have the original boxes and manual. I would rate them as very close in overall performance to ARC Ref series and Bob's Silver series amplifiers.


These can also use the newer KT120 tubes. Bob could comment further on what the difference is between the Cherry 180s monos and the new Black Beauties (see question he answered last year about changing the Cherry 180 KT88 tubes to KT120s). I have never needed more power with these amps but it looks to be fine to swap the tubes.


----------------------------------- from Bobs KT88 auction questions ---------------------


Q:Bob, i'd like to know if this system accepts newer KT-120 tubes. Thanks

A: Hi 'hunter, The answer is yes - here's what happens when the KT-120's are installed. First, the loop gain increases slightly, thereby increasing the feedback a bit and so lowering the distortion ever so slightly. Next, the eight ohm power increases slightly - about 5 watts, resulting in clipping at 245 watts. Not much. Ahh, but at one or two ohms the power increases dramatically, and is just the ticket for Apogees with their wicked one and two ohm loads. The bias current will normally be increased a small amount, increasing the dissipation, but since the tubes are so huge (allowing them to throw off more heat per unit time), and the glass so heavy, they will actually run at a slightly lower temperature. Pop 'em in if you got 'em. Good question! Thanks for asking, Bob Carver



I will only ship UPS/FedEx insured to the US unless we agree on out of the country before you bid. Sale is AS-IS and will be shipped using the original packing material. The units will be shipped in 3 boxes, 2X@46lbs + 1 @ 5lbs for the tubes. I get a small discount for shipping but I expect it will be around $170 with insurance.

On Aug-09-11 at 06:08:36 PDT, seller added the following information:


Specifications from the manual


Gain 30 dB

Power More than 240 Watts rms

Noise Better than 110 dB Awt referred to 240 watts

Frequency response 2 Hz to 85 kHz. Without filters

Distortion Less than 0.5%

Vacuum tubes KT88 / 6550, 12AX7, 12AT7, 6AL5

Speaker outputs One ohm, two ohms, four, eight and sixteen ohms

Input impedance 100 k ohms

Weight 84 pounds for a stereo pair, 42 pounds each

Color Champagne gold, Bright chrome,

Natural aluminum, Strawberry metallic red and Gloss black.


Question & Answer


Q: Hello, this is Bob Carver. Just want your readers to know that The lifetime warranty on this amp will be transfered to the new owner by me. Of course it's my lifetime, and I intend to live a long, long time. I built it - it's the least I can do. Warmest and best, Bob Carver Aug-12-11

A: Hey Bob, nice to hear from you and Thanks!!



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Q: Hello, this is Bob Carver. Just want your readers to know that The lifetime warranty on this amp will be transfered to the new owner by me. Of course it's my lifetime, and I intend to live a long, long time. I built it - it's the least I can do. Warmest and best, Bob Carver Aug-12-11
A: Hey Bob, nice to hear from you and Thanks!!


now that is real cool.....eusa_dance.gifeusa_dance.gifeusa_dance.gif



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Sold September 1, 2011 for $7655.55 was a pair of 305 watt Black Beauties.  I speculate now that BobCarver.com is up and running that we may no longer see Bob's tube amps auctioned new.  For the record, Bob's new site lists the Black Beauties at $12,900 to start shipping in Oct, 2011.  If selling direct to the public at that price, the auction prices have been very good.  But that may be a list price just for reference and there may be a dealer network arranged.  True sale prices could vary wildly, as they did on auction.  The Cherry 180's list for $7400 on the website.
Here's what may prove to be the last public Q&A:
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Bob - Cool amps! I guess you're satisfied with the KT120s? I may design a rig one day that uses them. Thanks, Tim Smith Aug-31-11
A:  Hi '995, Yeah, they really are great tubes. Your amp will love them. Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Mr.Carver, I have to say i am amazed at what you have done!! I hope one day I can afford a amp at this level. Anyways this is off topic for this auction. When I was little I remember watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and I noticed he had a AWESOME stereo system in his room. I always remembered that carver name. When I was older around 12-13 My cousin introduced me to the world of Carver & klipsch. So when I was 14 I asked for a Carver amp for X-mas. My Father about fell over when he saw the price "why not just get a aiwa stereo like the rest of the kids" me- "No dad its a piece of junk" So after selling my father on how amazing Carver was I finally got my first amp the CM-2002! I still have it to this day! Works great, my question is will this amp ever go "out of tune" I understand its not a tube amp but will it start to fall off with age? i have had it since i think 1996. Is it worth send back to the bench for a tune or save for something better? Thank you in advance. Aug-30-11
A:  Hi 't88, Glad yo were able to convince your Dad! I remember going with Diana to see Ferris Bueller's day off and just about fell out of my movie seat when those bad guys had a pair of Carver Amazing loudspeakers in their conference room. I couldn't believe it! I had no idea the movie had my stuff in it. I wanted to re-wind so I could see it again, but I think the theater projectionist would have taken a dim view of me asking him to re-wind the film. As for your amp, as long as it is working and sounds good, it is just fine - no need to send it in for a tune-up. The things that mostly go wrong with vintage amps are the power supply capacitors. You will either hear some hum or experience VERY reduced power - like six watts or so. Can't miss it. If that is not the case, keep on enjoying it! Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Do you only build single-ended inputs into your amps, or do you also include balanced inputs? If you do not include balanced inputs, why not? Some of the newer high-end preamps only have balanced outputs. Aug-30-11
A:  Hi '4t, Your good question has been asked of me by many. I think I have answered it in the "Ghost Questions From The Past", but I'm not sure - read on. I get great sound from single ended RCA inputs, and balanced is not necessary for the very best sound. It IS good for long cable runs though (100 feet or more) or for industrial and professional use where hum and noise pickup are problems. But it does not help the sound one bit, and I consider balanced inputs to be gilding the lily, adding complexity where non is needed (unless noise pickup is a problem, and Hum and noise of any kind have no place in a well-done hi-fidelity installation). And besides, why change a perfectly good single ended drive signal to a push-pull drive signal? Who wants to do that? Not me. Not I. Excellent question, thanks for writing, Bob Carver
Q:  hi,Mr.Carver.what is your opinion about Eico HF50,Acrosound TO-3oo,TO-330,Peerless S-265,UTC LS output transformers?thank you,ark.P.S.is a "pie" winding technique,you referring to is similar to described in Bereskin article about tube amps?is it split primary and secondary in a few sections,layered,interleaved?or it something else?do you use a "c" core or EI ? Aug-26-11
A:  Hi Tannoy, That is a great question, and is one near and dear to my heart. I love output transformers. The Acrosound and Peerless transformers are among the very best vintage transformers ever wound. They were designed and built by true artisans who were able to obtain difficult to believe high frequency performance, with frequency response extending out beyond one quarter of one megahertz. This allowed the best performance possible up to and slightly beyond 20 kHz (extra wide bandwidth is necessary to obtain this). As for the Eico, they often used Chicago transformers. sometimes Acrosound, sometimes Peerless. If my memory serves me the Peerless was the most expensive and was the only one that often used the pie winding geometry. Pie winding refers to winding the core in such a way that it is comprised of interleaved, thin pie-like windings each interleaved primary to secondary, one to the other. Unfortunately pie winding is a lost art. But that's okay because the layer winding method has matured such that all the prized performances that pie winding techniques yielded in the past, have been captured and perfected in modern winding methods. Great question, thanks for writing in Bob Carver
Q:  hi Bob. would these amps be a perfected version of your classic silver 7s monoblocs? Did you manage to find that extra cage for citation 2 power amplifier. And lastly i would like to get my citation 2 redone updated upgraded with your special mods and updates in november. how do i contact you? thanks again Bob Aug-26-11
A:  Hi '55, My vintage Silver Seven, my new Silver Seven-900 and these amplifiers are like my children, each with a unique personality. I love them all. The Silver Seven talks back to me sometimes, but the Silver Seven-900 does exactly what I ask. I have asked this amplifier to pay attention to his siblings and be nice. Even though my answer may sound flip, the core and content of my answer is from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for joining my auction, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Well, I was curious why you are using a tube circuit to minimize DC drift as opposed to solid state ( I think I know why, but thought I would ask you anyways)? Always amazed at your design/audio products over the years (since the seventies when I was a little 'kid') and have always have been a follower of your audio equipment (and have/still own some of your audio equipment). I too had the issue on a tube amplifier I designed and built well over 10 years ago using the 6C33C-B tubes ('current hogs' or 'glorified hair driers') in output stage via Circlotron configuration, but using a transformer vice being OTL. I did not want any DC in the transformer nor DC drift/imbalance (6C33C-B tubes are notorious for drift from what I experienced). However, my circuit to compensate for this (and admirably very well) was... um, solid state. Thank you. -Mike Aug-26-11
A:  Hi Mike, DC drift is important in a Circlotron amplifier or any OTL (Output Transformerless) amplifier for that matter, as you know. Most vintage OTL amplifiers require constant adjustment of the DC balance control to prevent unnecessary DC current from flowing. Your solid state design that nulls the DC offset is very creative and ingenious. I bet your amps sounds sweet - how much power can it deliver in to eight ohms? Just approximately. Keep on designing and keep on building, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello, Just got a NEW Sony cd/sacd player-It has a HDMI output option for the sacd portion of the cd player (supposed to sound the best)-It appears that all that is available with HDMI are A/V 7.1 recievers. Question: Is there a 2 Channel pre-amp with a HDMI Input option? Sorry for the left field question! JC Aug-26-11
A:  Hi JC, I have designed and manufactured several two channel preamplifiers in my lifetime and never did it even occur to me to put an HDMI input. It didn't even arrive on the scene until after I had designed my stereo preamps, and I do not know of any manufacturers that do. A practical solution would be to obtain an exquisite vacuum tube preamplifier and purchase a relatively inexpensive solid state multichannel unit that does support HDMI and combine the two. that would work great. Thank you for writing and joining my auction, warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi there, I have a vendetta research scp2 2N ,linn sondek lp12,sonus faber signum..the question..this monoblocks running 240v are good components for this team? Aug-26-11
A:  Hi Miguel, That's a great question, and the answer is absolutely! I have designed this transformer to have a split winding, yielding identical performance at 240 Volts or 120 Volts. I can see that you have put a lot of thought and love in to your hi-fidelity system. The Sonus Faber speakers were designed by a genius name Franco Serblin, among the very best speaker designers on this planet. during the design process of the Signum, he always used vacuum tube power amps. The end result was a beautiful loudspeaker mated hand-in-glove to a tube amp. The results with your speakers and my amplifier would be absolutely stunning. I would stake my reputation on it. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
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My speculation was wrong because after about a 7 week drought Bob auctioned another pair of the KT120 driven 305 watt monoblocks which sold for $7500 on 10/16/11.  Read the Q&A from the bottom up!  Split into two posts.

Q:  so the idling voltage for this unit is:-??? Oct-10-11
A:  Hi 'sies once again. I think you mean idling current. It can range between 0.010 amperes per tube (7.25 watts) to a high of 0.062 amperes per tube (45 watts), depending on the setting of the bias pot and the sound you like. Good question, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob I have had the great pleasure of owning your TFM-35 since the early 90s and have just bought an upgraded M1.0t carver amp that was upgraded to the mk2. Have you listen to any of them and if so what do you think of them Thanks and god bless you for all you have done for music lovers like me. Oct-10-11
A:  Hi 'slam, You are making my day - I enjoy hearing about my vintage designs still mustering on after so many years - actually not so many in the great scheme of things. As for listening to them, of course I have. So much so that I am blue in the face sometimes. As for what I think of them, they are great amps able to deliver gobs of current at ridiculously high voltages. Very similar to a tube amp at that. Thank you 'slam for tatking the time to write in. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Dear Mr. Carver... I think the above message title says it all. I am not eloquent enough to say much more than that... If I won the lottery... or decide to rob a bank before the auction is over... They will be MINE! Best Regards, Onchu Oct-10-11
A:  Hi 'hu, I gotta say, you are making my day! Thank you a lot. Bob Carver
Q:  hi bob: does this beauty can be singing with kt88? Oct-10-11
A:  Hi, Man, The answer is absolutely yes! Bob Carver
Q:  hi bob: as my shallow experience! plate current really affect the sound in overall, for kt 88 my own taste is about 450v max at idle otherwise the sound would be too tense. for this amplifer with kt120 output tubes what is the factory setting of the plate current at idle? Oct-10-11
A:  Hi 'sies, Ahh, simple question, complex answer. Here's the deal: In general, the idle (Quiescent)current in a tube amp substantially effects the sound. Most tube amps idle the tubes on the hot (max) side to give the best sound, and usually the designer says what's best. So we see that we have an optimum idle current define by the designer of the amp AND the manufacture of the output tubes. Too much and the tubes are in danger of run-away, and too little they will not give the best sound. The box is small and designers find themselves boxed in. So a compromise, as in all human endeavors, is called for. In this (my) design, the box is large, there is no optimum idle current, rather there is a RANGE of idle currents, all of which are "in the green", and safe. This is due to the DC restorer circuit, as well as the current feedback loop which allows the amplifier to "listen to the room", as it were. This happens via the loudspeakers acting as microphones and feeding that signal back to the input of the amplifier by way of the current feedback loop. The final result is that the tubes idle cool, will last 50 years (unless a catastrophic failure occurs),the sound can be tailored from a huge beautiful soundstage to an up front presentation, and in general will give a big, sumptuous soundstage with pin-point imaging within. Hope I have not put you to sleep with my long answer - If I have not, then read on. Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Mr Carver, you build beautiful things. I got my first Carver amplifier when I was about 15 I believe. I still own your 1090 integrated amp, I fire it up from time to time I love it's control and power. For some time now I've been wanting your opinion on two things. The first is: Do you believe that XLR pre-amp to amp connections offer a better signal transmission to the point that one should go out of their way to match components so that they have that option? My other question is this: In your opinion is upgrading an amplifier or any other audio component's power cord really going to create a noticeable audible difference?? I guess in some ways I feel like many of these "upgrades" are sort of the audio worlds snake oil. I ask this of you because I'v only seen balanced inputs and detachable cables on your Light Star amp, one of which I am currently bidding on. If you have a chance I'd love your opinion. Thank you for all that you have given us, Zachary Kelley Oct-09-11
A:  Hi Zachary, I get great sound from vintage RCA input jacks as well as the newer ones that have a longer ground connection. Balanced inputs make sense if there is a lot of hum or noise in the environment, as the minus signal gets canceled by the + signal. But if there is no hum to begin with, it makes not one bit of difference. Not a whit! A good home installation should NEVER have hum, no matter what! Balanced were designed to cope with hum and noise on very long cable runs as in outdoor concerts and other industrial applications. Read on - my other comments on line cords. I think these amps are beautiful amps too, if I may say so myself. Anyway, thanks for writing in, you have made my day. Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, My question is not about your fantastic tubed amps here. It has to do (and i respect your answer over almost all others... and thats's no smoke) with whether older pieces of gear, yours included, need to have things like caps and other parts that dont show any damage (and the component is working correctly as heard by ear) changed for new ones? do caps and other stuff go "bad" and need replacing even if the piece still sounds good without any obvious noise abnormalities? thanks for your time, Bob, and best regards! Tony. Oct-09-11
A:  Hi Tony, Let's say an amp blows up, comes in the shop for repair, and I find a blown cap in one leg of the power supply. I would then replace both legs just to make sure. I would not replace all the other caps unless they were leaky or bad. My thinking is that if they have lasted 25 years without a problem, they will be good for another 25 years, perhaps even 50! That's the way it works because the capacitors have all survived way past their infantile failure time- period. Hope this helps, excellent question - glad you asked. Thanks Man! Bob Carver
Q:  Thanks Bob for making the issue clear on electrostatics. On a more mundane note, I see you favor a captive power cord; can you add an IEC for third party PC's - I bet you have a view on that! Steve Oct-09-11
A:  Hi Steve, also 'bs, the previous guy, Yes I can add an IEC cord, but I think a captive cord is better - no contact resistance. I also know that my captive cord makes it more difficult to upgrade the power cord. I cannot add one to this amp because it's already built, and I think it sounds just the way I wanted it to with the HUGE power cord I designed into it. Honest! I remember writing about this issue somewhere in the "Ghost Questions From the Past", but I'm not sure. They are at the bottom of the description. I will convert the amp for 240 volt operation if you wish. The transformer has a split winding so it's easy to change back and forth. Any service guy can easily perform the conversion - takes perhaps 15 minutes per amp. Thanks for writing in again, Bid away! Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I have just purchased some B&W 802D speakers and am interested in your opinion on the match using your monoblocks to drive these speakers. Also as I now reside in the UK for the next couple of years, but will eventually return to Canada, how easy is it to modify the power supplies? Would you be willing to prepare step by step procedure c/w digital photos covering this scope? Also please provide the dimensions and weight for each monoblock amp. Thanks Oct-09-11
A:  Hi 'bs, oops, that sounds funny, Back to being serious - I used a pair of B&W 801 speakers that were designed long ago and used them extensively in the development of these amplifiers. Your B&W pair have very similar characteristics throughout the main audio spectrum, and even though I have not had 802's, I know that they would match these monoblocks beautifully. That's because B&W has long built their speakers with more back-electromotive force in the drivers than almost anybody. This is evidenced by simply looking at the drivers - they all have huge magnets! These large magnets, and the attendant back-emf drives the special current feedback loop in these amps such that the system can listen to the room substantially better than most. This helps yield a big, beautiful soundstage with great imaging inside that large acoustic. It did on the 801's anyway, and there is no doubt that the same results would be for the 802's. No doubt at all. My 801's sounded stunning with all 12 output tubes delivering high power and and all that current. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I have both Scintillas and Martin Logan CLX's. Can you comment on the ability of the amps to drive the difficult electrostatic loads as conventional wisdom has it that tube amps cannot maintain a grip on the bottom end or deal with the roll off at the highs? Thanks, Steve Oct-07-11
A:  Hi Steve, It is an old wives tale and a false belief that tube amps have trouble driving electrostatic loud speakers. A powerful, well designed vacuum tube amplifier actually yields great sound with an electrostat. The impedance curve has a rising response in the low frequencies, typically a dip in the upper midrange, and a tube amp in principle can follow these variations unlike a solid state amplifier yielding a beautiful base line and a sumptuous midrange. This is evidenced by most journalists and reviewers loving the sound of an electrostatic speaker mated with a valve amplifier. Great question. Thanks for writing. Bob Carver
Q:  Bob, This probably isn't the right forum, but you said bring on the questions. I recently purchased one of your early 90's C19 reference preamps and it's pretty impressive. My only issue is with the sliding gain switch. Are they always so noisy when switching through the gain positions? I've deoxed it and cleaned it manually but it becomes noisy after another day or so. Any suggestions (other than buying a new board)? Thanks. Oct-07-11
A:  Hi 'd, No big deal; an easy fix. The coupling cap that goes to the switch has become leaky. Perhaps even the one that leaves the switch. The switch itself was a nice, hi-quality unit, still, it IS 25 years old or so! No need to replace the board, just get a schematic (available on line)and replace the pair of capacitors. As a good measure, you can also replace the switch if cleaning it one last time does not do the job. Spay de-oxit, then move the switch back and forth one hundred - yes 100 times, to remove the noise. Your arm will get very tired, so it will help to have a friend share the back and forth switching. Spray fresh de-oxit on after the first 50 switchings. Actually the capacitors may be okay. Try the 100 times first, and see if that fixes it without the new caps. That way you won't have to find a schematic. This will fix it, Hope I have helped, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Bob. Wow those are so nice man. I would love to own such beautiful working art. I have owned many pieces of your work over the years and have managed to hold onto a few solid state pieces. Yep I still have a Phase Linear 700B, 700 series II and a beautiful c-4000 preamp which I bought all brand new. So here's a question for ya Bob. What do you think of your old ss monsters? And I would like to here more about you museum. cheers, Mike Oct-07-11
A:  Hi Mike, Well, I poured my heart and soul into those amps - my favorites are the TFM series and the early magnetic field amps. I thought they sounded great, and I still do. While I'm thinking about it, an important difference is they are not tube amps; consequently they cannot listen to the room (See the above questions and my answer on this topic). It's facinating to think about. As for my museum, I am afraid my basic character flaw has arisen - procrastination. I have rounded up all the items I want for it, but have not yet begun setting things up. I have the place, the stuff, the history. Your question will definitely go a long way in getting me off my tooosh to get going. Thanks for joining my auction, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob .. I'm a long time fan of yours. Love your gear and what you've done for the audio community. Here's something that might interest you (it may seem a bit whacko at first .. stick with it and understand the concepts, they may be of use to you in transformer design): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40xq_sJfyWY Regards Oct-07-11
A:  Hi '101, Thanks for the tip, I'll tell you - I really like reading about tube amps and output transformers. I'll be visiting the site this weekend and will get back to you regarding what I find. I'll answer by tagging my report onto one of the questions that will be asked, even though the specific question may not anything to do with output transformers. Thanks Man, Bob Carver
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Part two below.

Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Is this auction for both of the monoblock amplifiers please? Just wanted to be clear.....these are amazing! Thank You! Rob Oct-13-11
A:  Hi Rob, Good catch! Yep, this is for TWO Monoblock amps. I should have been more clear - next time. If this auction were for only one amplifier, you would be forced to listen to only one speaker, sort of like one hand clapping. Hope this helps and makes things clear. Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I hate to encroach on your valuable time but, I was hoping you could help shed a ray of hope in restoring my Amazing Silvers. I absolutely love these speakers and in the process of refinishing the cabinets, I cut the wires too short from one of the circuit board attached to teh bottom of the ribbon panel and made a mess of the board attempting to resoldier the wires. I have somehow managed to get the replacement boards but, I have no idea how to mount the new circuit board w/o damaging or disassembling the ribbon panel. I have tried to get help from numerous forums but, no one seems to be able to help. I am heart broken as no speakers I've heard even those in the tens of thousands of dollars range (proacs,wilsons, ruarks,thiels,etc)came close to the sound I was able to achieve in my basement with it properly set up. I was wondering if you can offer me some advise or help direct me to someone who can. If not, I just wanted to commend you on your awesome designs over the years Oct-13-11
A:  Hi '2012, I know exactly what is wrong with your speaker. It's only the terminal strip circuit board and it is very easy to fix. Not to worry, we will get it fixed together over the phone. Send me your e-mail and phone number to bob dot sunfire at gmail dot com and I'll call you back. You will need to have the speaker away from the wall so you can easily get behind it, a nice bright flashlight, a soldering iron and some rosen core solder. Also a friend who has had soldering experience (if possible) and someone to hold the bright flashlight as well as a small piece of fine sandpaper amd some Vaseline petroleum jelly. If you don't have a friend who can solder, that's okay because we (you and I) will practice over the phone until you can solder a great joint! Then we will proceed on fixing the speaker itself. Not to worry. Bob Carver
Q:  Hey man,,, I always wanted a set of tube amps, why not start with the best? That being said; Are you going to produce more of these or are these a 1 time offering? Are these 1 of 1 or 1 of ??? On a technical note; Which speakers do you believe would be best suited to these amps? Which pre amp? I believe the adage, "Garbage in, Garbage out" no matter how great these amps are, if you feed them crap, that's what you'll hear. I am not ashamed to say I don't know and also not above asking the "Creator" for his recommendation. If you don't know, who would? Last and truly not least; It is truly a blessing to see a man enjoying his craft and having a willingness to share it with the rest of us, Thanks Man! I truly hope the one who ends up with these truly appreciates the soul that created them. Oct-13-11
A:  Hi Triple zzz, Yep, these are the best! No doubt about it, if I may say so myself. As I have often said, I could not stop building amplifiers even if I wanted too. No doubt a voice would semi-awaken me in the middle of the night and I would build one while sleep walking. Tubular Joe and I are building about one every month, a far cry from my earlier Carver days where I built about 5,000 amps, pre-amps and speakers per month. In the vintage world, go for a Citation I, my own Sunfire tube pre-amp, or a Marantz seven. I love Apogees, DQ-10's, Quads, Amazings, IRS Betas, Soundlabs, the list goes on and on. So many great vintage speakers, and they are an incredible bargain when compared to most contemporary speakers. I gotta say, thanks for your enthusiasm in what is arguably the most fun hobby of all time. Warmest regards and best wishes, Bob Carver
Q:  I read every word and then re-read all your comments again. Nice color selection. Some uninformed folks have discounted your designs over the years, but I own a Phase Linear 400 and a bunch of Altec 9444's and a 9446 and a stack of 604's. They all sound great, but I always wanted one of your tube amp setups. I love the low eddy currents in the hard steel cores, that's why you do it. Nice, and so few understand this and the low impedance coupling and back emf. I upgraded one of your C-1 pre-amps for my brother with NE5532 op amps, hope you aren't offended, they have that Neve sound now. They sound really great to him and he won't ever sell them. I like that there are only 2 op amps in each audio path, very nice design, I rebuilt the rotary switch. I fly RC planes and was so excited to find out you did too. Too bad I missed that whole era where you gave away gear. You would have a blast on Zagi combat night. Thank Tim too as I am in awe of these 300 watt gorgeous monsters. Oct-13-11
A:  Hi '01, I cannot tell you how much fun, and how satisfying it is for me to hear about your passion for audio and all the experiments you clearly have done over the years. There are few endeavors more interesting and challenging (and just pure fun) than restoring something that did not work and bringing it back to greatness. Whenever I get that chance, I take it to bed with me that night and place it on the foot of the bed. Then just stare at it until I fall asleep. Thanks for taking the time to write as well as your passionate thoughts. Warmest regards and best wishes, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I have a lot of gear. Even had you Silver Sevens that I purchashed from Lyric back in the day. Still regret selling them. Anyway, would you be interested in exchanging the amps at the closing cost for some equiopemt that you might have an interest in? BTW, I, too am using Apogee Full Range sopeakers with four VTL Wotan amps. I have tuners, reel to reel tape recorders, new, sealed collectible LP's, never played "The Tape Project's" 20 RTR tapes, etc. I promised my wife who has been great over the past 20 years that I wouldn't allow any more gear into the house (I do cheat , but it's on a rare occasion)but your amps are simply stunning. For example, if the bid ends at $10,000. then I would give you $10,000. in credit to pick what you want from my collection (except for the Apogee's). Please let me know what you think. Regards from a long time fan and owner of Phase Linear/Carver/Sunfire (currently 2 amps and 3 preamps). Regards from Bob Cicarell (Same initials!) Oct-13-11
A:  Hi BC, You carry a good name - just ask me. Silver Sevens from Lyric - those were the days! I said in this auction that I accept any form of rational payment, and I'm serious about that. So count me in! I would indeed be interested in your idea, even though the Apogees are not included. Bid away my new friend! Bob Carver
Q:  Dear Bob, Warm & fuzzy greetings from our igloo in the Great White North, eh. Any developments with the passport? A bit selfishly admittedly, we really look forward to pampering you with a deluxe BBQ (featuring what may be the best potato salad in the Milky Way Galaxy) or maybe even our top secret "Kung Fu" pot roast. Some audio news, we purchased KEF-BBC LS3/5a studio monitors for the Baby Seven Black Beauty; unfortunately, we have yet to experience a bar or even a note. The problem could be the external LS3/5a crossovers but, as documented previously, the amp sustained significant damage during shipment. (Fyi, I have tried powering other speakers with the Baby Seven but to no avail.) Conclusion: Your tube-y expertise is needed! Best, Marc + Maria + hounds Vancouver, BC Email: fuzzymoose@telus.net P.S. Another possibility when schedules permit… We would love to drive down to Snohomish some weekend. Oct-12-11
A:  Hi Fuzzy ones, oh second family, LS/35a's are grrrreatt speakers, and just the ticket for some superb listening with a Baby Black Beauty. Have I got a deal for you! I just finished a REAL Baby Black beauty and it has your name on it. It is part of my lifetime warranty -the least I can do. I just got back from Disneyland with my daughter and as soon as I finish tuning it up I'll send it to you or hand deliver it - my preference. Sorry about the freight damage that has apparently broken it. The new one is much more handsome anyway. You can see some pictures on the Carver forum. You have probably already seen one though. I don't have my passport yet, but will soon. Stand by, Bob
Q:  hi bob: great idea to have dc restorer! the plate voltage in normal kt88 or kt 120 pp amp is about 420v to 500v/? can u descride in terms of plate voltage in your amp? Oct-12-11
A:  Hi 'ies, The plate voltage on normal amps is about 450 volts as you describe, but this amplifier is anything but normal. The plate voltage rating for the Tung-Sol KT120 is 850 volts with a signal power output of 150 watts rms per pair of tubes! This Black Beauty operates with a plate voltage of approximately 700 volts, thereby producing 305 watts total, or about 102 watts rms per pair of tubes. That's 305 watts in all. That is how it does it - very conservative. Bob Carver
Q:  hello, two questions ... ok three 1). how is over tempature prevented on your amp. I understand that overtempature can cause meltdown... or distortion increase.. 2) line filter( power spikes) how does your design cope with poor electricity from the local utility... 3) can the amp be used on 50 hz current?? I live in Europe and the voltage is 220 vac, you have not said what percent the total harmonic distortion is. thanks turps. Oct-11-11
A:  Hi '88, I love questions like these, I don't know why, I just do. The main way the temperature is kept to a low and safe value is by designing the amp to intrinsically run cool. For example, each output tube idles at about nine watts, compared to most amps which idle the output tubes at about thirty or more watts. The glass envelope of the KT120 is huge and the tube is rated to dissipate 150 watts. That means this amp is operating at one tenth the normal dissipation. It runs cool enough that we can easily touch the tubes without getting burned (though it's uncomfortable and I would not do it on purpose - don't tempt fate), thanks to the DC restorer circuit. Additionally, the warm tubes act as an air pump and pump cooling air from underneath the chassis up and out the vents on top, further removing operating heat. This amplifier runs COOL! Line power spikes are handled by total over-kill in the power supply filter section, using six, yes SIX 390 uf capacitors! Energy storage that would be the envy of any vintage designer! Not only that, but the screen circuits as well as the front-end 12AX7 tubes have their own dedicated supply. In addition, the power supply common mode rejection is about 120 dB even before all that. This is due to the long-tail differential pair at the input, and the circuit remains fully balanced all the way to the output transformer. It is virtually impervious to line spikes, with all but the biggest lighting strike not ruffling the output at all. I'm exagerating here a bit for fun, but you get the picture. The power transformer has been designed such that 240/50 Hz or 120/60 Hz is good. The magnetizing inductance of this transformer is about 20% greater than normal, even for 50 Hz. THD = 0.50% at full output, and diminishes at lower levels. This is the classic distortion profile of vintage tube amps. Oops, out of characters, Bob Carver
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$6850 on 11/10/11 is the price of the latest pair of Bob's creations, KT120 driven "Cherry Berry" 305 watt amps.  Short Q&A.
Question & Answer Answered On
A:  Hi 'noo, Glad you noticed, I first got the idea a long time ago while working at Pierce Arrow TV in Los Angeles. I was in high school and part of my job was to put the Sams' Photofact schematics back on the shelf. I read them all and noticed that hi-end video amps driving the picture tube had D.C. restorers consisting of .. you guessed it .. a 6AL5 vacuum tube. I was building my first little tube amps back then and thought what a great idea it would be to put one in the circuit of my 6AQ5 output tube and make it last forever. That was unnecessary because they lasted a lifetime just the way they were (my lifetime, I was only 15). The big surprise came when I discovered that the distortion went way down as well as the operating temperature. I don't know why it was not thought of before, it's been starring us in the face all these years, and the TV guys have been doing it all along for video. I guess the video guys just thought an audio amp was a video amp that was slow and never bothered to share their design with us. Ha! What did they know? An audio amplifier is non-trivial, and harder to get right than any video amp. But I ramble, Bob Carver
Q:  Edit: For those who are a little gun shy about the sound of these amps…I have a pair connected to a pair of Infinity IRS Betas and I think they are THE most outstanding sounding amps around. The bias adjustment Bob has implemented is to die for (because of the DC restorer mainly) and you can dial in the amount of Tubeyness you like with the bias control. I have my bias knob dialed all the way down and get the full tubeyest of tube sound. Granted I take a loss in available output power, but I’m still able to make the difficult to drive Betas sing rather loudly. Again, it’s a dream amp. You may find an amp out there with more power, but an amp that beats this amp in sound quality and flexibility in sound characteristics is next to impossible. Bob is right. This is his best work. Bob as I do not listen to vinyl and I know the Citation (I) was geared mostly for vinyl. Is there another preamp as good as the Citation for us non vinyl folks? Currently I’m running a solid state Mc C500. Nov-08-11
A:  Heynow', I have to say......oops, I already answered this question, oh well, twice is better than once. Bob Carver
Q:  For those who are a little gun shy about the sound of these amps…I have a pair connected to a pair of Infinity IRS Betas and I think they are THE most outstanding sounding amps around. The bias adjustment Bob has implanted is to die for (because of the DC restorer mainly) and you can dial in the amount of Tubeyness you like with the bias control. I have my bais knob dialed all the way down and get the full tubeyest of tube sound. Granted I take a loss in available output power, but I’m sit able to make the difficult to drive Betas sing rather loudly. Again, it’s a dream amp. You may find an amp out there with more power, but an amp that beats this amp in sound quality and flexibility in sound characteristics is next to impossible. As Bob said, “…this is my best work…” It is. Bob as I do not listen to vinyl at all and I know the Citation (I) was geared mostly for vinyl. Is there another preamp as good as the Citation for us non vinyl folks? Currently I’m running a solid state Mc C500. Nov-08-11
A:  Hi '310, Thanks for taking the time to write about your (my) amp with so much passion and enthusiasm. I appreciate it a lot and it means a lot to me. As for a preamp, you love your '500, so stay with it. If you do get a chance to listen to a tube preamp, do so and enjoy the music! Thanks again, Bob Carver
Q:  I love your amps! OK....I have a pair of McIntosh MC60s and a pair of MC30s and I'm thinking about selling them to hopefully be able to purchase a pair of these amps....these are ART to me, if they sound half as great as they look, they will please! My question is this, will you be selling another pair of these within the next six months? Last question, I saw a Citation Preamplififer that you'd restored sell on Ebay recently.....I need a preamp....what preamp would you suggest please? Or do you build a preamp? I watch the Marantz 7, Mcintosh c22 go for so much moolaaa....lafeyette 600 is more my price range....what do you think is a great preamp? Cheers. if it matters....My speakers are old JBL studio monitors, 4345, and 4435, L300, etc....and some altecs in there....mostly vinyl.....any advice or info from you will be greatly appreciated......I want my name on two of those placques! Thanks and keep up the awesome work! Rob in KCMO Nov-07-11
A:  Hi Rob, Thanks Man, Sometimes I look at them and think they ARE works of art - at other times I look and see a big red strawberry candy. As for the sound, these amps are my best work, and the sound is so good it's not to be believed, if I may say so myself. I do plan on selling some more right here on eBay , definitely in the next six months. Hopefully sooner. I suggest the Citation I. I have several of those, as well as the Lafayette 600 - both were designed by Stu Hegeman, a rare and true genius. They sound almost the same, but the Citation edges it out just a bit. The Lafayette was a "price point" product for Lafayette, whereas the Citation I was a no-holds barred masterpiece for the Citation division of harman kardon. I don't build a preamp, and I don't need to 'cause there are several superb preamps out in the world today. Hope this helps. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  can kt88 stands for such high plate voltage which pre set for kt 120 if im not wrong the amp is designed at 700v plate ? Nov-04-11
A:  Hi gassies, Classic, vintage KT88's are rated for 800 volts on the plate, and in actual use can easily stand off three times that, or 2,400 volts. They have to be able to stand off at least twice the plate voltage of 800 volts. That's because in a push-pull circuit, when the plate of one tube is pulled toward ground as it's turned on hard, the other tube's plate is going to be driven to 1,600 volts (twice the B+ voltage). In actual practice it won't be quite double because the opposite tube cannot turn on 100%. But it is close! I have designed my amp to operate with about 700 volts on the plates. Very conservative, and a walk in the park for these mighty KT88's or KT120's. Great question! Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi bob! I'm MANNY,I have been a big fan of yours since the 80's when the late julian hirsch used to make so many and wonderful reviews on your designs. Back then I used to only dream of ever getting any of your designs.I was a young airmen,now an old army wounded soldier still in the hobby.I collect your old carver corporation amps for years, all the solid states from the 1.5t to tfm 753 including some of your sunfire products like the TGR 401 used except the crm2. I've always wanted to own your tube amp designs but it's way outside my budget although everything you make should be at least 5x higher in pricing. I was wondering if you plan on developing lower price more affordable tube amps or integrated tube amps that some of us lower income hobbyists can afford below the $2k mark.You're a genius in my opinion. There's this dr.dao who mocks all high end amplifier designers from dakiom and it disturbs me a lot. He's basically saying all the developers you mentioned are wrong? Nov-04-11
A:  Hi Manny, What a blast from the past - I love it! Don't stop;I'm glad you have been enjoying my designs for so many years. As for a smaller amp that will be under $2k dollars, I'm thinking about one now, but it will not be soon I am afraid, perhaps late next year or early 2013. Oh well, what's a year and a half compared to the last thirty? Hey man (should I say dude?),thanks for writing,and I have to say that we amplifier designers all are trying to get it right; designing a great amplifier is tough, non trivial, and always (mostly) rewarding in the end. Best wishes and warmest regards Manny, Bob Carver
Q:  I have played guitar for 32yrs. owned marshall,orange mesa boogie,fender, wtf...they all sound poorly,old.............needing a re-build. I make the amps for guitar we should of made years ago,I do not wind my own transformers,hammonds are fine from canada.only the best parts EL34 output tubes X2 and all American parts,sprauge,corneil dubler I will blow you away with this design,Ken Fischer was one of my hero,s Nov-03-11
A:  Hi 'noon, Wow! 32 years and still in the arena. You remind me of me. I agree, an old vintage amp with some loving rebuild will surprise you with the amazing sound we can get from the genius designs of yesteryear. It's super rewarding to take the time to restore and rebuild an amp, then have it sound great and so much better than when we began. Ken Fisher is a hero no doubt to many - my hero is Stewart Hegeman from the past, and my contemporary hero is Tim De Paravicini. Both are geniuses. Thanks for writing. Keep building, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, You say "Check out a pair of my Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers - you can hold them in the palm of your hand, but they play as loud as the Amazings did and the sound and sound scape are very much like the Amazings" what might the part number be of the ones you are referring to? Regards, Jay Fletcher Nov-02-11
A:  Hey Jay, they are called the CRM-2, which stands for Cinema Ribbon and they come two to a box. If you want to read up on them go to the Absolute Sound and do a search for Bob Carver interview and a beautiful story about my CRM-2's written by Robert Harley. I cannot remember the issue number, but it was a year or two ago. I'll find the issue and sneak it in with my answer to a question that will have nothing to do about ribbons. Stand by. Your old friend, Bob Your old friend, Bob
Q:  HI BOB you look younger in every photo i see you in. ps MY systen is made up of your equipment and tim"s the best around. forevermusic414 Nov-02-11
A:  Hi '414, I'm glad you think I look younger - you can be my friend forever! In truth, I was old when Atlantis sank. Still, those photos were taken a couple summers ago. Yea for Tim, me and you, the best sound around! Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Are you actually Bob Carver, the founder of Carver Corp that used to make some of the best HiFi amps and speakers ever. The one that gave use the Amazing, AL-III, Mt1.5 etc? I wasn't that lucky to own AL-IIIs but I head them once in the 90s and I could not believe how good these speakers sounded. I ended up with Cinema System 5.2 and 5.1 surrounds and have been very pleased with them for the last 10 years. I would only change them for a pair of AL-IIIs :). PS If you ever decide to make AL-III again know that you got one buyer already, me :) All the best and thank you. Nov-01-11
A:  Hi 'sdg, It is I, the real Bob Carver. Just to make sure, I'll stand up and pinch myself. OOwwwchhh! Yep, it's me alright so count me in. I'm happy to hear about the Amazings - Man, that was long ago, yet still they stay in your memory. Check out a pair of my Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers - you can hold them in the palm of your hand, but they play as loud as the Amazings did and the sound and sound scape are very much like the Amazings. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Bob Carver
Q:  -Hi Bob, I purchased one pair of your previous incarnations of this amp that run KT88s and produce 240 watts each. The current incarnation is using Kt120s and produce 305 watts each. I am wondering if KT120s could be run in the "older" 240 watt amps? What about the KT100mkIIs? Still enjoying the music - thanks! -Gary Nov-01-11
A:  Hi Gary, Long time, well, not so long. Glad to hear from you and that you are still in the arena. And still enjoying the music. As for the KT120's, if you got 'em, use 'em. The power will indeed increase, and will increase substantially with a difficult to drive speaker that exhibits large impedance swings. The power will fall somewhere between 305 watts and 240 watts rms. Adjust the bias for about 20% more idle current than you had with the KT88's. Just plug them in and turn the bias control. That's all you have to do. Any more questions, let me know. Your old friend, Bob.
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Sold today, 11/29/11 for the stunningly low price of $5655.55 is the latest pair of 305 watt 'Black Beauties' from Bob Carver.  Not a lot of activity on this auction perhaps due to the impending Christmas debt most folks will face.  Nevertheless, here's the very short Q&A:
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Hi Bob, Jay here... Happy Thanksgiving... One small question about those two awesome 305's that you are selling there... What might be the little toggle to the right front corner? Is it a new addition? I haven't noticed it before... Your friend, old friend, in Okla. "jay" Nov-25-11
A:  Hi Jay, Happy Thanksgiving! It's the meter range switch. It's been there all along, but I know what you mean; it's hard to see and it certainly does not stand out. sharp eyes! Your very old friend, Bob
Q:  Hello I am fan. It sounds like you built these just to drive Apogee Speakers. Did you? And will any of your solid state amps drive a 2 ohm speaker? -Mark in LA. Nov-22-11
A:  Hi Mark, I love questions like this! I'll make my answer short and sweet. Sort of - yes and no, and yes. Thanks for writing. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I like to know if you have listen to or benchmarked your amp's sound against the 200w Antique Sound Lab Hurricanes using 8 KT88s vs. KT120. Thanks Ed Nov-22-11
A:  Hi Ed, I have listened to the Antique Sound Lab amp with KT120s, and it sounded great. The only problem was that the 'Sound Lab unit was not set up for KT120 bias and the idle current tended to go way too high. I chickened out and shut it down because the plates were beginning to glow red, but before I turned it off, the amp sounded beautiful. Hope this helps. Warmest and best regards, Bob Carver
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Sporadically during the last several months Bob has been auctioning rebuilt tube stereo amps most likely resurrected from 1950's and 60's consoles.  He's been updating them with modern internal parts and incorporating his DC restorer circuit. I chose not to document these because they weren't original Bob creations and because they came from differing sources despite having the Bob magic performed on them.  There are several out there now which seem to be a labor of love for Bob and are not in direct competition with BobCarver.com offerings.  However, it seemed only right to include the following amps in this documentation because they started out as a pair of his 180 watt monoblocks that have been further augmented by Bob.
He explained it like this:   

Vacuum tube monoblock amplifiers rated 275 watts each.

These beautiful, burgundy (Rolls Royce Burgundy) amplifiers were built several years ago and recently were returned for an update to increase the power output from their original rating of 180 watts to 275 watts. They have new power transformers, new output transformers, new tubes, and new power supply capacitors. And shiny new paint. They are better than new. 
There was only a short Q&A that revealed nothing in the way of new information.  I'm left to wonder which of the original 180's documented here was the donor pair for this modification and why the owner didn't reclaim them after they were complete.  At this point they are now a one-of-a-kind pair, sold on 8/31/12 for $5778.91.  Item number:  180959617640

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Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in.
Sold today, 3/14/13 for $7900 (just about retail for a new pair of 305's) is another pair of resale amps from Bob.  These apparently started life as Cherry 180's now revamped into 305 watt Burgundy one-offs. Auction narration was nearly identical to the previously revamped 180 monoblocks with a claim that they were returned to Bob for reworking.  Again, I'm not sure why someone would return them for Bob to soup them up and then not reclaim them.  At any rate, these amps are sans meters unlike the official BobCarver.com offerings because they started off as a pair of Bob's kitchen-table Tubular Joe built amps.  Early 180's had no meters so these newly modded to 305 watt jobs don't either.  There was a short Q&A which doesn't reveal too much included below for posterity. Read them from bottom to top.
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  hey bob-i just saw some amps on ebay listed as yours,"bob carver llc-vta180m".your name is on the front.i cannot bid on these 305/mono at this time but wanted to let you know(if you didn't already).take care and have a great day! steve Mar-12-13
A:  Thanks Steve, I'll check it out. I hope it's not too good to be true. I just checked it out, and it seems that is a legitimate dealer selling the amp for the regular retail price. I think it is perfectly legitimate. This is the FIRST legitimate one I've seen, so that means my "FRAUD ALERTS" must be working and doing their job. Thanks again, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, You mention two of the three tube types used. The driver tube type is not mentioned or I missed it. Can you tell me what tube type is used for the driver? Thanks. Bart Mar-12-13
A:  Hi '55, The front end tube is a 12AX7, the driver tube is a 12AT7, and the DC restore is a 6AL5. The front end has high gain and low noise, the driver has medium gain and high output drive capability, and the 6AL5 DC restorer is a small rectifier tube, sort of like a baby 5U4. Thanks for writing in, hope this helps. Warmest and best, Bob Casrver
Q:  Hi Mr. Bob Carver: I have such regard for your amps Bob, Thank you. I am really bidding on a pair of your Cherry 305watt monoblocks. SEXY monoblocks. Thanks for describing your 1 ohm series anti-damping resistor trick, BRILLIANT I am an engineer, and audiophile and am in awe every time I see you on video. THANK YOU BOB. YOU'RE THE BEST. BEST AUDIO AMPS EVER IN THE WORLD. THANKS Thanks for explaining the voltage feedback not working with low impedance solid state amps too. I get it. Always been on your side too, especially after the Stereo Review twist way back when. I'm an EE and am just beginning to understand your talks after all these years. Saw your Youtube CarverFest vids and am in your debt for explaining the 1 ohm anti-damping resistor, brilliant. I am forever in your debt, you are the real deal. Best wishes in healing. - Jerry Fat Mar-09-13
A:  Hi Jerry, You are making my day! Now my head is swelling. My hat is about to pop off. Thanks Man, Bob
Q:  Hey Bob, me, Timothy. You've done a few Citation I upgrades for me. I was going to come and visit you at the audio show in Chicago this weekend, but the ramp in my wheelchair van is on the fritz. What a bummer. If I can get it working today, might come to see you tomorrow, Saturday. Enjoy the show. Sincerely, Timothy Mar-08-13
A:  Hi Timothy, Nice to hear from you. I'm not at the show, I'm home. I just finished a spinal cord operation and I'm recovering. It takes about six months.What a bummer about your ramp - hope it gets fixed soon. How are you otherwise? How are the Citations? Your old friend, Bob
Q:  Hi. I m frome Norway and we have 220V Are yours 120V ? I need 220V Jon Kjellin jonoyvin@broadpark.no Mar-06-13
A:  Hi Jon, This amplifier does have a split primary winding, so it's easy to configure for 220 Volts. A simple job for a tech, or if you want it done by me, I'll be happy to do it for you. That way it will arrive ready to go with Norway's voltage. The only problem might be that the amplifier cannot speak your language, since it was built here in the rain forest of the northwest U.S.A. That must be why Abba sounds so good. Again, no problem with 220 volts. Thanks for asking, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Im a Carver fan from way back and own some of your great equipment. One question...Are these Cherry 180's with KT120 tubes. What type of small tubes does it use. Reason I ask is because I have a great selection of 6DJ8's and 12AX7's. Opps...thats two questions...LOL Mar-06-13
A:  Hi '106, Great question. Well, they used to be Cherry 180's, but not any more. I put in new power transformers with more voltage than the 180 transformers have. Then I installed new output transformers that have an even higher output turns ratio. Between the new power transformers and new output transformers, the stage was set for lots more power, awaiting only the KT120's to complete the triad and easily deliver 305 watts. Internally the circuit has been changed so it is now the same as my big Black Beauty. As for the tubes, each amp uses one 12AX7, one 12AT7, one 6AL5 and of course the mighty KT120's - six of them per amp, or 12 in all. It's lots of fun to try different tubes, especially in the front end where the 12AX7 tube is. The front end tube is the small tube that changes the sound the most. With your large 12AX7 stash to try out, you can have lots of fun trying different combinations with the 12AT7. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Dear Mr. Carver, My name is Bill Jansen owner of Reeves Amplification in Cincinnati, OH. I hope I'm not asking too much or for that matter how you handle such requests...but, is it possible to get a schematic on how the DC Restorer works? It seems brilliant! Thank you for your time in this matter. Regards, Bill Mar-04-13
A:  Hi Bill, I'm happy to send you a schematic of the DC restorer. As for how it works, I'll elaborate on how it does when I send the schematic after the auction closes. In the meantime, read the the explanation in the "Ghost" questions. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
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Holy f-ing crap!!!


I've noticed a couple of the recent smaller tube amp auctions and even asked a question myself, but I would have never dreamed there were so many posts.


Thanks for posting, even if there is no way I could ever read all of them.

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There was only a short Q&A that revealed nothing in the way of new information.  I'm left to wonder which of the original 180's documented here was the donor pair for this modification and why the owner didn't reclaim them after they were complete.  At this point they are now a one-of-a-kind pair, sold on 8/31/12 for $5778.91.  Item number:  180959617640

My theory is he just sent them a new pair to keep the pressure off of himself in the rebuild turnaround time. Makes for happy customers, too, I'd think! 
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There was only a short Q&A that revealed nothing in the way of new information. I'm left to wonder which of the original 180's documented here was the donor pair for this modification and why the owner didn't reclaim them after they were complete. At this point they are now a one-of-a-kind pair, sold on 8/31/12 for $5778.91. Item number: 180959617640

My theory is he just sent them a new pair to keep the pressure off of himself in the rebuild turnaround time. Makes for happy customers, too, I'd think!
My thoughts exactly.
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There was only a short Q&A that revealed nothing in the way of new information.  I'm left to wonder which of the original 180's documented here was the donor pair for this modification and why the owner didn't reclaim them after they were complete.  At this point they are now a one-of-a-kind pair, sold on 8/31/12 for $5778.91.  Item number:  180959617640

My theory is he just sent them a new pair to keep the pressure off of himself in the rebuild turnaround time. Makes for happy customers, too, I'd think! 
My thoughts exactly.


Good call guys, with him knowing back surgery was coming up thats probably what he did.
So his customers wouldn't be without their equipment for an extended length of time.
He said  he was going to need 6 mo. to recover from this latest surgery.  
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Sold by Bob today, November 6, 2015 on eBay was a pair of 350 tube amps for $6100. Tung-Sol KT-120 output tubes. Pretty much the same information posted in this auction as in all the others but here's the Q&A for posterity. Read from the bottom up.
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Hi Bob, Was this a 'tongue in cheek ' explanation, or did I miss something? I am a great fan of so many of the products that you created. I can't find the words to describe the warmth and delight that I feel when you respond to questions on EBay with such candid, humble and intelligent answers. Here is the sentences that I initially referred to. Since there are two output transformers, one for each amp, it takes me four days to build a pair. And because I have a day job, I've been building them on weekends and in the evenings. Bob: What does your day job consist of besides being a genius (in my opinion) and running your Company? Respectfully, Jeffrey Nov-04-15
A:  Hi Jeffrey, I was simply explaining why it took me so long to build a pie-wound output transformer. My biggest problem, believe it or not, was getting all the windings correctly hooked together after they were on the bobbin. So many wires! For the life of me, I kept making simple errors in phasing and sequencing when it came time to connect them all! I could hardly believe how difficult it was to solder all those wires without making a single mistake. I finally resorted to a simple and effective labeling scheme developed by David Hafler at Dynaco. My "day job" was my full-time CEO job at Sunfire. I hope I explained it better this time! Thanks for writing. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Mr Carver, I m a huge fan and I am lucky enough to have one of your grand cinema Signature Series as my first amplifier for a home theater system which is still going strong. My question is about the amplifiers you have for sale here, is it a pair of amplifiers you are selling or just one single amplifier? Thank you for your time and your passion for high quality products. Im so thankful for the one i have. Sincerly David Horsley Nov-03-15
A:  Hi '125, Good catch, I should have been a bit more clear in my description; the auction is for a pair of amplifiers. Still, it takes two for stereo, and you will receive two mono units if you win my auction. Good luck and happy bidding! Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi, I want to clarify if this is the Vacuum Tube Cherry 305 watts first generation or the latest Crimson 350 watts; If this is the Crimson 350 how do I know? Nov-01-15
A:  Hi 'love, This is the latest crimson 350. I should have been clearer, I know. There it is though, the Crimson 350 watt per channel mono-block amp, for a total of seven hundred watts! Warmest and best, Bob Carver
Q:  Greetings! I have owned a pair of your root beer 180s for years...never had to replace a single tube and they drive my apogee speakers with aplomb! These amps are capable of floating an enormous and very detailed stereo image between and around my speakers which conveys a sense of depth that is not possible with other tube amps. Q1: There were only a few root beer brown mono 180s made by you and put on ebay (I am guessing about 6) because you ran out of transformers...remember...you know the military-grade transformers you carried around in the trunk of your car for years when you went to college..Well I am curious...what kind of trannys are they and how many did you install in 'root beer monos' before you ran out? Q2: How can I get another signature on my 180 amps...when I waxed them with a top grade of carnauba wax it completely dissolved your and Tom's gold penned signature & greeting on the top of the tranny covers! Now they are blank! Best wishes and keep those great amps comin' Nov-01-15
A:  Oh Wow! What a beautiful letter; you have definitely made my day! Thank you. I don't remember how many exactly, but as for how I wind them now, they are multi-layer wound, with many, many layers in order to achieve the response I want. I like a great high frequency response because that allows modest feedback and really good sound. Really good, and that is an understatement! Thanks for writing, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Jay Fletcher from Oklahoma, good to see you are still building and selling those GREAT mono blocks, dearly love and still enjoying mine... Looking at the picture of the underside of your amps I see seven 470uF caps, I might be wrong but didn't the earlier ones have six? have you done some improving or modding the power supply section if yes should I have mine done? I remain a fan of Bob Carver..."jay" Oct-30-15
A:  Hi Jay, Good to hear from you, good catch, and a great question too. When I increased the power to 350 watts, I increased the energy storage by the same amount because power is energy divided by time. The pictures are actually "file" photos, taken when the amp was a lower power unit. I wanted to take some new pictures, but I became lazy and procrastinated too long (one of my many character flaws). So I used some older pictures. The new amps look better than the pictures show. New color; the amps have a removable line cord, balanced inputs along with the standard RCA inputs, and the amps have the back panel well labeled as well. And no, your power supply is just fine, it supplies all the current needed into any rational load. The only reason for increasing it would be if the power were increased, but that means a completely new design with a different power supply, a different output transformer as well as a myriad of additional changes. The sound itself would not change at all, only the output power; the sound would be better when high output power is required because amplifier "clipping" would be virtually completely avoided. Great question, Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  I just realized that it wasn t clear if we are bidding on a pair or a single amp Oct-28-15
A:  Hi 'dwar, Good catch. It's a pair you are bidding on. Sorry about that. You get both channels for the price. . . Hope this helped, Bob Carver
Q:  These monos are better in quality to ear 529??? The ear 529 are close to quad II in character but incredible high and bass and more neutral.The ear 529 seem small triode amps. The Carver's monos have this character?The power is controlled?? Oct-28-15
A:  Hi '1972, My mono amps cost a lot less than the $27,000.00 dollars a 529 costs. The 529 was designed by Tim long ago and was at the time his penultimate design and it was STUNNING! Now, moving up in time we come to the present, and find that both Tim and I actually had a large contribution to my amps here. Tim's teachings have changed over the years as he has evolved into one of the greatest amplifier designers in the world. His latest designs are far more like the amps here than the 529s were so long ago. Do these Carver amps sound better? YES they do. More humbly, yes I think they do. Here is why: They incorporate Tim's latest thinking and my latest thinking (regarding tube amplifier design). These amps represent my best work, I have poured more of myself and time into their design than any other. Hope this helps. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Really glad to see you're still building. I want to first tell you that I my most cherished component is a Carver SD/A 490t CD player with the tube buffer (I think it's a buffer) or output stage, and I have two of them. It was the 'tweak' that my wife heard immediately, and you know what that means. I play one directly into a rebuilt classic Dynaco ST 70 to drive a pair of ten inch Tannoy concentric from the late seventies; no preamp, and the other through an all factory original ST 70 (rivets instead of screws) where I play different speakers. Ok, now the question, I've never seen any mods for the ST 70 that use the DC Restorer and wondered if you've ever considered designing a DC restorer circuit to modify an ST 70?  Oct-28-15
A:  Hi '012, You are making my day. Honest. What a beautiful vintage system you have - sure brings back memories. I'm a bit jealous! I have not ever installed a restorer in an ST 70, but it would be easy to do. Actually a walk in the park! If toy want to try it yourself, I'll design one and send it to you. Send me your address: bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come. That's code of course. Best wishes, Bob Carver
Q:  I want to participate in the auction item you paid when an elevator car and brass thanks Oct-27-15
A:  Hi '2014, come on and join the auction! you don't need to wait for anything. Thanks Man. Warmest and best, Bob Carver
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After a year long hiatus Bob returned with another set of 350's, this time going for $7401US.  Once again here's the latest Q&A to br read from bottom to top for proper chronology. No real new info is given but herein preserved for posterity.
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  I am curious about your mention of the speakers "listening" to the room. I have heard of this about tube amps being able to improve the realism of the sound when they take advantage of this phenomenon, but I am not sure I understand who it works. My impression is that when sound is reflected by the walls and then reaches the speakers, the speakers are move slightly by these reflections. This movement of the speaker voice coil creates a small current, which returns via the speaker wires to the amplifier, which incorporates that tiny signal into the much larger signal being sent to the speaker, ultimately improving the sense of depth and space, improving the sound relative to the room and position of the speakers. Am I close? Nov-04-16
A:  Hi hundred' I must say, not only are you close, you are right on the mark! Strange as it seems, the reflected energy, instead of being bad for the sound (as many reflections often are), actually substantially improves our sense of three-dimensionality by allowing the spatial information contained in those record grooves to be heard in a very beautiful, believable, and satisfying way that otherwise would not be possible. Great question, extremely complex, but you made it easy for me to answer! For that, I thank you sir, and I do so from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for writing in, Bob Carver
Q:  This auction ends exactly 1 year from the last 350's you sold here. I wonder if this was intentional. At any rate, I just wanted to attest for any would-be bidders that what they're bidding on is in fact a marvelous pair of amps they would be glad to own for many years. I should know, I have the Carverfest Rootbeer 180's from 2008 and will keep them until death do us part. In fact they may have to be a special line item in my will. Bob, this is just my small way of saying 'thanks' once again. For all other readers, Bob's amps are simply the best! Nov-02-16
A:  Hi 'rama, Good to hear from you again, and yes, the timing is pure coincidence. You have truly made my day, I'm ecstatic that your amps are sill playing great music after all these years. I owe YOU a huge thanks for being my customer and for enjoying my creation. Best wishes and warmest regards, I really mean it. Honest! Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I'm sorry to bug you, but I've been waiting for you to list something. What was the base chassis of the little amp that had the awesome transformers you built last year I think? It was like a 10 or 20 WPC amp. Thanks! Tristan Oct-31-16
A:  Hi Tristan, that would have been a small Packard Bell amp taken out of a vintage console built during the 1950's Great transformers! You can contact me bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come Great question, Bob Carver
Q:  Bob Can you recommend a preamplifier that would match these amps? I have a Sunfire Amp. Big Fan of yours. Oct-31-16
A:  Hello '1970, My favorites are a Carver or Sunfire tube preamp, or the world famous Citation 1. It was the Citation 1 that started me on my professional path so many long years ago. Thanks for being my fan, I'm yours too. Bob Carver
Q:  Not a question , just dropped by to say hello from Jay and Melissa in Oklahoma... Good to see you and Tubular are still Joe still making those GREAT amps... Still got mine, been 6 years sometime this year... Did you go to Bob Carver Fest this past Sept? Best Regards, Jay Oct-31-16
A:  Oh Man! A blast from the past! It's nice to know your amp is still working after all theses years - someone famous once said that;I don't remember who though. And yes, I did go to Carverfest and had a ball. We, Peggy and I, stayed the whole time and had lots of fun walking from cabin to cabin and listening to all sorts of systems, but mostly we enjoyed the amazing camaraderie, super audiophiles all! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  If you ever want to talk to one of your greatest followers give me a call...I would love to talk to a true audio legend...mind you I am just an ordinary man...no technical ability whatsoever On 10/29/16, 22:47, audioshopper wrote: Re: roughcut48 has sent a question about item #192011232255, ending on Nov-06-16 16:28:53 PST - Carver 350 Watt Stereo Monoblock Tube Amp Amplifier Hi Bill, Do I ever understand about back troubles; I fell off of a roof two stories high and landed in a sitting position on the concrete - lower spine has a big ouch now. The amps weigh 44 lbs each. And yes, I am still in business - my retirement plan is to never retire. The amp is not "one off,&quot… Oct-31-16
A:  Send me your phone number to bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come. I am looking forward to talking about amps and all sorts of speakers - my favorite subjects! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Mr. Carver! I see that you employ tubular joe.. I was wondering if you have a Solid State Steve? Or Dave, Frank??? Transistor Terence? As much as your tube amps kick ass..what about us? You laid down the Audio law with all your great S.S. stuff!! Don t forget about us!! Oct-31-16
A:  Hi 'rdg, I don't have a Solid State Steve, but we do have a Fabulous Frank, a Jazzed Jordon, a Big Bob, and a Marvelous Matt. I will never, ever forget about you! If you would like your solid state amp to sound a bit sweeter, install a 1.5 ohm, twenty-watt resistor in line with the hot wire from your amp to your speaker. Try it! Thanks for writing, Bob Carver
Q:  Are you selling a single monoblock or a pair? Oct-31-16
A:  Hi '1970, Boy did I miss that disclosure! I should have unambiguously put a PAIR in the auction. My auction is for a stereo pair of amps. Thanks for asking, Bob Carver
Q:  Robert What do these amplifiers weigh? Being that my back is not in the best of shape anymore- fused spine and such...I finally lucked out with obtaining an 11b tuner with Your John Hancock on it..so I am looking for some amps to make my Sony M9 Speakers sing...next question are you still in business making those gorgeous tube amps or is this one a rarity...thanks for your time..Bill Spula Oct-29-16
A:  Hi Bill, Do I ever understand about back troubles; I fell off of a roof two stories high and landed in a sitting position on the concrete - lower spine has a big ouch now. The amps weigh 44 lbs each. And yes, I am still in business - my retirement plan is to never retire. The amp is not "one off,"rather it's the real deal. Take good care of your back! Warmest, Bob Carver
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From today's $8500 black friday sale:
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  The man with big muscles holding the amplifier is me, Bob Carver. Sir with all do respect to your knowledge and contribution to audio.... I m having difficulty seeing them. Um, the muscles. You ARE flexing them correct? Lol. Have a wonderful holidays & I ll toast to you & your families health. Cheers. Brandon Nov-21-16
A:  Hi Brandon, I really have medium size muscles, but I felt good that day. The sun was shining, the bugs were not in my teeth, and my system sounded absolutely perfect that day! No flexing except to hold the amp against my waist. Thanks for writing; I thoroughly enjoy your wry wit! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob I am a novelist at best but love your stuff and will have some one day. I have a chance to buy a Eico hf 89 at a good price relying on my research. Your opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks AJ Nov-21-16
A:  Hi AJ, Grab it while you can and never let go! The Eico Hf 89 is an absolute a beauty in making great sound. You will love it, I promise. Hope this helps, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I happen to own a Jbl Paragon and I was wondering do think these amps are to much for that speaker. Thanks for your time and for all you've done to help people enjoy quality music in their homes. Nov-19-16
A:  Hi '527, When I was in college I worked at Seattle Radio Supply after school. We carried Marantz, JBL, McIntosh, Fisher, Heath, Citation, and several others lines, even including Electro-voice. I clearly remember listening to the mighty Paragon with the largest amplifiers we had at the time. Those were all about 60 - 75 watts per channel. The Paragons could play LOUD on just 70 watts from the Marantz 9. The Paragons sport the biggest and most robust drivers JBL made at the time for home audio use; they can easily stand up to my amplifier provided you use care and you should make certain the speaker fuse is properly installed. Let 'er rip! That said, It will then play so loud and with such ease, that you will definitely find yourself in Audio nirvana. BUT . . . they will play plenty loud for any rational human being with a "mere" sixty watts. Bottom line, not too much, but not necessary either. However, sometimes it's nice to have overkill and conspicous consumption, and other times it can be nonsensical. Your choice. But have fun no matter what! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hoping for some insight! I have a pair of McIntosh XRT28s, rated to 1200 watts RMS. 4 ohm, 88db efficient. I know some people scoff at the Mc speakers but I like them. They do round the top frequencies off (above 15k) so I have to be careful to not have an amp that does that too. I was using a Burmester 956 amplifier and while it sounded very good, I need more watts for more headroom and dynamic peaks. I've been debating Parasound JC1s, Plinius 301, maybe a Sunfire 600 Signtaure...how do you feel these might work with those speakers? I listen to mostly rock, some metal, and like to enjoy some volume (but not at the expense of quality). Thanks! Nov-18-16
A:  Hi 'prises, Since you need more power, and I know that we can never have enough power, I would vote fort he big Sunfire. Not only that, but it has a sweetness for that beautiful McIntosh line source. In addition, it has two outputs, one is called current source, the other is a voltage source output. This lets you use one for the woofs, and the other for the tweets. Trully great sound. Yes, the Sunfire is the one to use! You literally cannot go wrong! Hope this helps, Bob Carver
Q:  Great to have you still building the baddest amps on the planet. Always have loved your work. Wish I could get a pair. I'm just finishing work on 4 consecutive serial numbers Clair 700 Series II's and maybe I'll sell them to get a set of these. You inspire me when I build stuff. Thanks Bob, here is a pic of my latest. (700 Series II Clair (White Oak Audio guts). Who says we don't have hero's anymore. Perry Nov-17-16
A:  Hi Perry, It does my heart good to hear from you, I tried to see your 700s but could not download the pics. Try sending them to bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come. I'm pretty certain that will work. I bet your Clair 700s are super sweet amps . . . I know that building an amplifier is more fun than almost anything! Honest. I hope you are having as much fun as I do when I'm building, I actually take my brand new shiny amplifier and put it at the foot of my bed; when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can then gaze at it for several minutes. Sometimes I think I get carried away with emotion! Oh well . . . Thanks for your gracious thoughts, best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I love your stuff. Is this the same pair of amps previously listed (now relisted), or another set of the same? Thank You Nov-17-16
A:  Hi 'stan, These are another set, NOT relisted. One of my many character flaws is that there is a bit of a lazy streak in me - I used much of the same text from my previous auction. Excellent question, though; I can see how it would be confusing. Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Considering the cost of good tubes these days, do any other manufacturers offer a feature similar to your DC restorer, which allows tubes to last decades without negatively affecting the audio?  Nov-17-16
A:  Hi 'center, That is a great question! As far as I know, no other manufacturer currently uses a DC restorer. Long ago, in the 1950s and 1960s, vacuum tube television receivers used a circuit like this, though not to allow output tubes to operate at substantially reduced plate dissipation, but to allow the complete DC component in the video signal to be accurately delivered to the picture tube grid. This feat allowed large black parts of a picture to be a true black, not a washed-out gray and similarly allowed large white parts to be sparkling white without a dingy "yellowish" tinge. The DC restorer I use for my vacuum tube power amps allows the output tube control grid to receive the correct signal with an almost perfect DC (bias) voltage throughout the entire signal swing, thereby substantially reducing the need to run the output tubes hot in order to keep distortion low. I suspect that this idea will be copied if it hasn't already been. That happens to me all too often, and I'm used to it! Oh well . . . Thanks for writing in, great question, hope this helps, Bob Carver.
Q:  God bless mr Bob Carver!!! Love you David Nov-16-16
A:  Oh wow David! What a treat to hear that. Now my day is being made twice! I feel better than Clint Eastwood. Thank you from the bottom of my black heart (just kidding)! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  HI Bob, listened to many of your videos. Encouraged many audio enthusiast to listen to you. You may have heard of Preston Nichols. He actually bought some of Tesla's radio equipment. He is an electrical engineer, not to go into his extraordinary history, in his retirement he sought out HI-Fi audio exploration with tubes. He had already broken many theoretical boundaries in radio transmission using tubes. He found quantum physics to be a reality in the audio spectrum. Not to give away any secrets, what have you discovered in this realm of vibration resonant transmission? Sorry the bid is over what my salary is for the year. Enjoy Nov-16-16
A:  Hi 5mar, Since I'm a physicist with a love of audio, I must have run the gamut of things to discover, and quantum physics is definitely one of them. Nothing as specific as vibrant resonance transmission though. You have definitely made my day, I would love to get my hands on some of the old equipment he used back rhen What a treasure that would be!
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December 22, 2016, a 350 watt burgundy pair sold on eBay for $7275
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  The specs, sound like a Lafayette 550 with more power? Regards, John Dec-18-16
A:  Hi John, They do? Wow, I had not noticed, but now that you mention it, perhaps they do! Massive coincidence. But as it turns out, I do own a '550, and it is one of the best sounding vintage amplifiers that I have ever listened to. Looks like I'm in good company! It was almost certainly designed by my hero Stu Hegeman - I have not looked at it for almost two years, but it is time for me to hook that trusty '550 up again. LATER: Well, it does sound nice, very sweet, but not enough power, especially in the lower midrange, at least not for me. At low levels, though, it can be pretty spectacular. Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi, How much shipping cost to Thailand? Thanks Kind Regards Somkiat Dec-18-16
A:  Hi Somkiat, I wish shipping to you were not so expensive. But it is not too terrible. All the way to Thailand will be approximately $582 USD. My friend Peggy, who used to work in Thailand with a famous dance company, is rooting for you to win. I, on the other hand, must root for all. Thanks for writing in, Bob Carver.
Q:  Great pics of the underside of the amp. One question though, would it be too much to add a few posts and cap nuts to the power supply boards to secure the B+ filtering to the chassis instead of a few blobs of silicone seal on the parts? I dont think even Sanyo or Lloyd's did that. How would you service this? Seems out of place on such a nice looking amplifier.  Dec-18-16
A:  Hi '32, Believe it or not, cap nuts and a threaded stand-off cannot compare to the resilient and flexible adhesive used for holding down the power supply components. Even modern aircraft wings are now held together with flexible adhesives, rather than bolts and rivets as in the old days. If this amp were being built on the assembly line in my factory, I would use a nut and stand-off because it takes too long for a good flexible adhesive to set-up and cure. Since this amp is built by Tubular Joe, one at a time, individually and by hand, there is plenty of time. Tubular Joe made good use of the extra time here and in this way. That's not to say that a nut would not work well, it would of course, it's just that Tubular Joe's way is better. Great question, hope this helps. Best wishes, Bob Carver
Q:  HI u wont to know uf the amp can work on 220 v end how much is shipping to israel THANKS AMIR Dec-14-16
A:  Hi AMIR, Great questions; first, yes it can be set to work on 220 v. The power transformer has a split winding so it can easily be switched to 110 or 220 volts. If you win my auction, I'll do it here so when it arrives in Israel it will be ready to go. The shipping cost to you in Israel is $228 and 27 cents. I wrote the cents separately to avoid confusion. That's $228. 27 all the way to you. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
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I'm a bit slow to the punch this time but this is the latest from Bob's tube amp eBay sales. Jan 20, 2017 a black 350 watt pair sold form $7301.
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Hi Bob, We spoke at length awhile back. I wanted to trade some of your gear toward the first VERSION of your amp. We spoke at length about the lgreat HP and the importance of soundstaging and how speakers should disappear leaving only layers of sound. I miss HP so much that my heart hurts. I have Apogee Full Range, updated, speakers with 2 JL Audio Fathom subwoofers. My amplifiers are 4 VTL Wotans putting out 1250 watts each using 24 6550's each for a total of 96 output tubes. I bid on your amps but is it an upgrade from my madness? Many thanks Mr. Genius, Robert Cicarell Jan-19-17
A:  Hi Robert, first of all, you have a truly great name. I miss him too - he taught the world the language we use today to describe our emotional response to a great soundstage. I do miss him, he was the greatest! If this missive has a funny ring to it, it's because as I'm typing, eBay keeps saying that I cannot say that so I find that I must substitute words in order to keep the text flowing. Your VTLs are great amps, and honestly, even though my amps are specially designed to deliver a huge soundstage (like Harry's soundstage would be delivered) with a sweetness that seems impossible, I think your VTLs are very happy just where they are! They are wonderful amps indeed. I do have a question: Since there are so many output tubes operating at relatively high idling current, I can't help but wonder how often you need to replace a tube? bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come. Thanks for writing, Bob Carver.
Q:  Hi Bob, I have a question about speakers, have you heard of them? SerTech Labs Stellar. The best combination of the finest sound and super-high efficiency make the STELLAR line unique and some of the most compelling speakers on the market today. Naturally we never state or imply that our speakers are the best in the world.  Even though the very idea of world's–best is subjective, there are others that actually make that claim and list some of their speakers for about $70,000 or more.  But at less than one-tenth the cost, nothing tops the STELLAR XII.   So far, we've tested hundreds of other speakers and our customers tell us the STELLAR XII devours them all.   We agree, and invite you to listen and decide for yourself. Bob this is there sales pitch and I don't mean to bore you with a sales pitch, but I have listened to these to these speakers at one watt and they fill the room with incredible sound. I was amazed, I am interested in your opinion? Regards, John  Jan-19-17
A:  Hi 'boat, I had never heard of them before you told me about them, and when I found them online, it was easy to see that they look remarkable. I can actually hear them in my imagination and they do sound wonderful. Sensitivity of 90 dB is just awesome! There is no doubt in my mind that they are probably great sounding loudspeakers. It's fun to be truly amazed, especially by a great loudspeaker! Great. Thanks for writing, hope I helped, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, Actually the 305m's came with the kt120,I tried the KT 150 but amps would bias up fully to run that bigger tube. Il look forward to the tube pre-amp your pondering to bring to market.? Keith On 1/17/17, 11:34 PM, audioshopper wrote: Re: kfaudiophile has sent a question about item #192075309515, ending on Jan-20-17 13:17:11 PST - Carver 350 Watt Stereo Pair Monoblock Tube Amp Amplifiers Hi Keith, I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying your 305m stereo amplifiers. The transformers of the 305m amplifiers and the 350 amplifiers share the same scientifically uncompromising winding geometry. Your idea of making an upgrade is not only a smart move that I recommend, it is e… Jan-19-17
A:  Hi 'phile, It says you have a question for me, yet when I look, I can't find one. This happened yesterday as well. Try asking it anew; I bet it will go through this time. Warmest, Bob
Q:  Hello Bob, Your website states that the 350 has 2 line inputs: XLR (not fully balanced) and RCA. I don't see an XLR input on the rear panel photo. And, what do you mean by "not fully balanced?" Jan-18-17
A:  Hi 'thes, Those are great questions for a variety of good reasons. Here goes: The amplifier in this auction has both line and balanced inputs, including an XLR. The pictures don't show this because they are some old file photos; one of my character flaws is that I procrastinate too much. I had planed to take some new pictures but waited too long and had to use the old ones. The XLR balanced input on this amp includes a balanced input line, but as soon as the input signal arrives inside the unit, it is converted to a non-balanced signal and then fed to the main input 12AX7 vacuum tube grid which is DC coupled to the following stage. This yields the very best sound, in my humble opinion, and the other control grid is thereby free to become the inverting port for the main global feedback. This approach is the very best unless one has lots of noise and hum in the audio feed, and a good home stereo would not of course. I hope I did not put you to sleep, thanks for writing and I hope this helps. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I own a pair of your Red Cherry 305m that I purchased brand new January '2014,have exactly 291 hours on the set,really not even broken in yet due to window on music listening is only in the winter due to heavy work schedule from spring to late fall,I'm a business owner of fertilizing business in Ohio or to say it owns me!!! Anyway I'm trying to figure out these new amps you have compared to the original 305m design,I know you would probably prefer to sell new stuff but think your very stable and will not make you or break you,think your a man of Integrity and greatly respect that status quo;question is are the 305m have the better transformer winding-pie wound which I hear is a pain in the !*!*!!! Believe it or not I have 7stereo systems in the house,two main systems using Martin Logan Monolith & Acoustat Monitor IV speakers,the Cherry babies light these speakers up especially the ML's Can the 305m be upgraded or a waist?? Thanks, Keith Fertig-in Ohio Jan-17-17
A:  Hi Keith, I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying your 305m stereo amplifiers. The transformers of the 305m amplifiers and the 350 amplifiers share the same scientifically uncompromising winding geometry. Your idea of making an upgrade is not only a smart move that I recommend, it is easily achieved and can be accomplished by yourself by replacing the KT88 tubes with KT120 tubes. Then set the bias to the same bias as for the KT88 tubes, as described in the 305m manual. This upgrade will not only increase the power, resulting in an even richer, more realistic sound, but the upgrade will also reduce distortion and improve reliability. This upgrade is a win-win-win situation. Thank you for your incisive question! I hope I have provided a satisfactory answer for you. Sincerely, Bob Carver
Q:  Can you sendt me shipping cost for this 2 pcs wonderfull monoblocks to norway?. And i have a last question about a small stereo tube amplifier that are a Bell 3D binaural, and i just wonder what can you recommend me to buy of resistors to this amp, metal film or carbon film? Kindly Regards Alex  Jan-17-17
A:  Hi Alex, Your appreciation of these beautiful amplifiers genuinely warms my heart, I believe this is the best sounding, best looking, and most incredible amplifier of all time. If I may say so MYSELF. But I digress; shipping cost to Norway is $ 578.27. As for the Bell 3D, this is a great amplifier to update and bring to a new life. Either resistor will work equally well, still, I have a small preference for the metal film resistors as they are more stable over time than the carbon units. Thank you for writing, Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi, I was referred to you from another member and am hoping you can help me. I have a pair of your Silver 7t amps and one of my VU meters is not as responsive as it should be. The amp output is fine, it's obviously an issue with the needle, it's almost like there is something making it so that it can't move freely. Is it possible to repair or get a replacement meter? I have tried everyone but have struck out across the board... Thanks in advance, -Chris Jan-15-17
A:  Hi Chris, No problem. Take the meter out and send it to me. I'll either fix it or send you another; I have a stash of different meters left over from units of long ago, and I'll have to go through them looking for the correct one while holding yours in my left hand. If I cannot find a new one, I'll fix yours - those meters are easy to fix. Find me using bob dot sunfire at gee male dot come. I hope this helps, Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  good morning Mr. Carver, I'm so excited and embarassed to speak with you..a real legend! I'm a big fan of you: I started my own job (sound engineer and audio-visual rental company) in 1990 buying a lot of your professional amplifiers. I still have 6x pt2400, 12x pt1200, 4x 2.0. At home I have a pair of silver7, s/n 012, 3x5 tube rows, driving quad's 989. But the amplifiers are switched off since 1998. So my questions: 1-I bought a variac to give power slowly. Have you got some suggestion? 2-May I restore the bias current? 3-Have you got a copy of the service manual to sell to me? 4-I've seen in the past the silver7 filled with kt88. Any modification needed? Wich tube do you prefer? 5-Do you think I must replace some caps before giving power with the variac? At the end, I'm very interested in your new circuits on tube amps. Could we discuss about an attempt to import them in Europe (or Italy only)? Sorry for the lenght of my message, I really hope you could answer me! Vincenzo Belsito Jan-15-17
A:  Hi Vinsenso, Great questions! Here goes: With the variac, bring the variac to full line voltage over a period of about 5 hours. Start by turning it up 10% at first, then 30 minutes later, another 10%, and so on in 10% increments until the full line is obtained about 5 hours later, The bias current is set to yield about 18 to 22 watts per tube at idle. I do not have a service manual, but you can buy one on eBay from any number of sellers. A great upgrade is to use the new KT120 tube from Tung-Sol. This tube is a remarkable tube with a sweet and majestic soundstage. No need to replace the caps unless one is shorted or open. This is extremely unlikely as they were very high-quality capacitors way back then. As for importing, I will ask our marketing director to contact you for that discussion, however, we already do have an Italian distributor, but one never knows. Thanks for writing; I love your boundless passion, and keep on trucking! I hope this helps, Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hey Bob, are you still upgrading the Citation I preamp with the famous Stu Hegeman phono stage upgrade? The reason I ask is that a couple years ago I had sent you my Citation to do the upgrade and you were gone to some sort of symposium or electronics related function, and entrusted, I think it was Jason, or Perhaps Justin, a College kid you were mentoring, I spoke with him, very polite kid, and he was put in charge of doing the upgrade for you. Well, as it turned out, he did not do the upgrade. I suppose he probably swapped out some leaky capacitors, which I was grateful for, but what I really wanted was to have the Stu Hegeman phono stage upgrade done by your hands. I left the Citation in the box when it was returned to me and it has remained on the shelf since then. Sincerely, Timothy.  Jan-15-17
A:  Hi Timothy, Oh no! Allowing a Citation 1 to sit fallow for any time and not listened to is absolutely a sacrilege. Stu Hegeman is probably turning over in his grave! Yes, yes, yes, I am still upgrading them. Send me your tired and your poor exhausted Harman Kardon Citation 1 and I will absolutely bring it back to better than new. My deepest apologies from the bottom of my heart for not installing Stu Hegeman's remarkable moving coil design. I will not fail this time if you send it to me. Honest. I hope I may be of service this time. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Just wanted to say Hi Bob, I spoke to you a few times and have a house still full of Carver from the good old days.The TFM's never die!! I hope you are feeling well., Jimmy Jan-11-17
A:  Hi Jimmy, I remember well; you are making my day; a very famous guy once said that, I don't remember who, though. I'm feeling well andI had a nice Christmas I and hope YOU have a great new year. Those were certainly fun-filled days. TFMs forever! Best wishes, Bob Carver
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Sold 2/25/17 was Bob's next pair of 350s for $7753.
Read the Q&A from the bottom up!
Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  Hey Bob, Thanks for your response, I am going to bid (and hopefully win these bad boys.I saw in another post that you had a way to balance the output better on the C 4000. With new amps I am going to want to optimize the system, and since I am using your wonderful C 4000, can you share with me the mod? Also is there anything else that I should do to the trusty beast while I have her on the bench? Thanks so much, for your continued kindness, Bruce Feb-24-17
A:  Hi Tuninfork, Of course, I can, the intrinsic output impedance is very low on the C- 4000, however, there is a buffer resistor on each output which will seem to affect the balance (It doesn't really of course) when you drive multiple units because each loads the unit according to its input Z. Simply replace the buffers with a value ten times smaller than the factory installed unit. That will do the trick. Thanks for writing in. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I have been a fan since the cubes, and have owned a lot of your equipment, I currently use a Carver C 4000 with a MC2105 to drive my JBL 200's. This is my vinyl listening system(and sometimes an iPod) While the 200's are pretty easy to drive, I haven't been able to build a tube amp with the drive to make these speakers sing. (I build and restore tube amps as a business) I assume that your amps will easily drive these speakers to painful levels(not something as do as much as in the 70's) After watching sales of your amps I've decided I need to own a set and am going to be bidding on these. Will you amps be happy with the Carver and the JBL's? Feb-23-17
A:  Hi tuninfork, You are making my day! I assume you have driven you speakers with tube amps from work, so you understand the improved sound that tube amps can deliver. It also sounds that you need more current and voltage to really make them light up your room. These amps of mine are just the ticket for you, as I have designed them to completely drive down to 2 ohms reacive, even actually slightly below that to about 1.6 ohms. No problem for these amps. Honest. As for the Carver's and the JBL's, again, no problem. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Too bad you wont make a lower power version of these , (around 120 watts per} and on one Chassis. I purchased an HK CIT II from one of the last surviving Engineers...I would hope that yours will sound better I would assume somewhere around $ 2000.00 that I can afford. Feb-23-17
A:  Hi Fourx, I do plan to make a lower power amplifier by early next year. I'm planning for it to be on a single chassis with four huge output tubes, though I don't know how expensive it will be . . . exactly, nor just how powerful. It is so cool that you found an original from the last HK designer . . . don't let it go, it sounds priceless to me, something very precious. No need to hope that mine will sound better, it absolutely, absolutely, WILL sound better! Thanks for writing and for joining me here, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello Mr. Carver, I am currently the high bidder on this auction, though I know I do not have a "Rats Chance" at winning but in the event I did, could I have them picked up. My Uncle lives in Seattle, WA. and it would help, though NOT a deal breaker for sure. Also, I have a C-4000 that I have fallen in love with and I plan to use it with my 2 TFM-15s and I have found that there is an audible decline when I use both pre-outs to drive both amps. Just wondering the best way to give equal pre out-put power to both pre-outs as I feel the pre-out signal is divided when using both at the same time thus making me increase the volume. I am old school with my speakers, like your stuff, P.L., Carver, etc. , I am hooked on what sounded best to me in early 70's, Klipsch; (Heritage) JBL, ALTEC. Thanks for your time, and most of all, your AUDIO contributions. Respectfully, Fred Hayes. Feb-23-17
A:  Hi 231' , of course, he may pick them up, and if your Uncle brings your C-4000 I'll fix that up so it can drive ten amps all at once! It's easy to do and will take about ten minutes. No charge of course. Thanks for writing in and for joinong my auction. Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  You reference your amps to many that I own. Citation II, Marantz 9's, 8b, 2's, one MC3500, Fisher SA1000, etc. So if I purchased one of your pairs of amps would I have more of the same? I like my Marantz 9's and 2's the best; for punch the SA1000. Your amps are marvelous looking and your write up is great as well. What I don't want is to purchase and find out I like my other amps as well or better. I learned in the corporate world that change is not always better; although usually just different. I also understand everything is a system approach. I sometimes use my high end computer for my music server, sometimes my Hovland preamp, or my Klyne. My speakers of late are B&W 801 Series II (fairly standard good speakers). I like the sound of my MC3500 but only have one and am not willing to keep it due to it's age, size, and weight. Any info and opinions are appreciated. - Dave B Feb-23-17
A:  Hi Dave, those are great questions and they definitely need a great answer and here it is: forgive the poor punctuation, but eBay will not allow a word that is preceded by a period for some reason about half the time. I also have Marantz 9's and was smitten long ago, especially when I used them with electrostatics. I wanted to make my amps better than the 9s, and I have succeeded beyond my dreams. Far more power, better low-level resolution thanks to the DC restorer as well as those huge cathodes inside the KT 120s, finally, a larger soundstage than the 9s because the spectral energy in a special part of the frequency band, the Henry Kloss psychoacoustic octave, is produced by my output transformer which I designed and is the second best output transformer in the world. But here is the best part - if you don't want to keep the amp, I'll return your full purchase price with not a single question asked. Honest! Hope this helps, and thanks for joining my auction! Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi is this Bob carver? Feb-19-17
A:  Hi '247, Yes, it is I, Bob Carver. Bob's my name, and amps are my game!
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$7451 on 4/8/17
Question & Answer Answered On
A:  Hi 'huskys, You are absolutely making my day! As for the preamp, I'm working on it as we speak. I plan on it being done about a year from now. It's going to be 100% tubes, including a very QUIET phono stage for MM as well as MC. I've been working on a variety of circuits, and have already picked the topology that I like the most. It's just awesome! If I may say so myself. Thanks for writing, Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob, I see you started out your auction with a very low starting bid! I am just wondering if this amplifier will accept other, similar high quality tubes? Love the rich color! No doubt these amplifiers will get the best out of any speakers. What about the Apogees, which have something like a 1ohm impedance? Do you have any plans to offer your Amazing Line Source speakers on Ebay? I've read the Golden Ear award review in The Absolute Sound magazine, which describes the new technological advantage over the usual "point source" speakers on the market, so now i want nothing less, and the review said I wouldn't find anything better without getting something like the Langdorf Steinway at over $200,000.00. Another benefit, I see that they don't take up much space, and include a dual speaker SubRosa subwoofer that I could even put under my couch or on a wall which would please my better half. I hope I win the amps!!! Apr-03-17
A:  Hi 'percenter, Great question, I designed this amp to accept a great variety of output tubes. You can use 6550's, KT88's, Kt120's Kt!50's. Believe it or not, it will work great with EL34's or even 6L6's. The old vintage standby 5881's will work as well. All you have to do is set the bias for .080 amps and let 'er rip! You could even try 6V6's, however, that might be stretching it a bit. If you look carefully at the pictures you will find me standing between a pair of Apogees, each with an input impedance of one (!) ohm. The big output tubes and extremely large transformers work together and are able to easily drive the big, majestic Apogees with aplomb. A walk in the park! As for the Langdorf Steinway, they are far more similar to my own original Amazing loudspeaker of long, long, ago, than my new line source. Besides, mine look better, don't you think? Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Amazing work comrade. Its refreshing to see such inspiration and dedication. I am a maker as well, although in a completely different field. I make coffee liqueur in London and appreciate the effort involved in realising a product of true quality. I will probably loose out on this as will not have the money in time but would like to purchase your next project amp. I simply have to have one and please keep me in mind. I will be buying it to use in a cafe/bar setting. Tem www.coldandblac.com Apr-02-17
A:  Hi Tem, There is no doubt in my mind that you will end up with one of my amplifiers . . . I think it is thus writen! I wish I fully understood where the burning desire to make things comes from, it seems that we are all driven in one way or another. The desire does seem to spring unbidden; in my case, it called for me to build a new amplifier. After all, Bob is my name and amps are my game. Thanks for writing! Best wishes and very warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Bob: Is it possible to have one of your mist excellent receivers, vintage about 1984, tuned up and restored yo like-new condition? Cost no object (pretty much at least)? Charley Pearson Pearsoncs@gmail.com Apr-02-17
A:  Hi 'o9, Absolutely! The best man on the planet for this job is Bill Flannery; sunfirebill1 at gee male dot com. Give him a shout, he is the best. I would do it myself except I'm swamped, but Bill's shop is only a few blocks from my laboratory and we often work together on units. Hope this helps, Bob Carver
Q:  Does a fork lift come with the purchase to get them off the ground lol? Bill Spula Apr-02-17
A:  Hi '48, Actually, these amps may be successfully lifted by an average human being of normal physical dimensions with only the mildest effort. No sweat! They only weigh 48 lbs each, and you don't have to pick them both up at once! Just think how much a single chassis unit would weigh. About a hundred pounds, still not more than a good dance partner, and certainly a strong person could throw her/him around easily, or at least make it look that way! Thanks for writing in with such great and wonderful humor. Best wishes and very warmest regards, Bob Caver
Q:  Please advise whether I can use KT150 tubes to replace KT120 tubes. Thanks. Mar-31-17
A:  Hi rolling-drolling, Yes, you can. Just plug the new KT150s in, adjust the bias for 0.1 amp (100 ma), and away you go. That's all you have to do. I'm glad you asked - many others have asked the same question. I'm happy that the answer is easy and universal. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  Hello from Kansas City Missouri. I'm Rob Butterworth. I bought a pair of these incredible amps a couple years back and recently one of the KT120s went bad. It will not bias, has strange white coloring and a crack accross the top of the tube. I"ve never encountered this with a tube but there it is. I have no problem paying for the single tube but I did want to ask you as I remember reading that you said you have good stock of these tubes....This way I don't risk anything with Amazon. They have one for $97.00 so I'm happy to pay you. Just wanted to ask you first.. Thanks in advance. Rob btw I'm saving to buy a pair of your new line source speakers....WOW those look great! Mar-31-17
A:  Hi Rob, The tube is guaranteed for my life as long as I'm alive. Send me your address and I'll send you a new one. The tube seems to have developed a crack, air leaked in and turned the "getter" white. The getter is the silver inside the tube and it's designed to grab onto random, loose air molecules and prevent them from impairing the operation of the tube. (Which requires a high vacuum.) By the way, the amp will work just fine with a tube missing, so while you are waiting for the new tube to arrive, you can take it out and continue to use your amp with a missing tube making it a five-tube amp instead of a six tube amp. Sorry 'bout that bad tube, but thanks for writing! Bob Carver
Q:  Hey Bob, Hope you are doing well. Big fan, always had a dream of owning one of your tube amps. Love the silver seven with all those tubes I was just wondering if you knew or could recommend someone who rewinds transformers or can give me a lead on an orphan output transformer. I have an old Scott lk-150 that was poorly modified by my dad so Im sentimentally to it. It developed an occasional hum, I think the caps were going bad and it looks like my dad didn't insulate some of the leads on some capacitors so voltage may have arced so my cousin knows a a repair shop in Houston so I brought it to my cousin to get it fixed. My cousin listened to the amp and loved it, he keep listening to it instead of getting it fixed. It had a catastrophic failure. So when he finally brought it to the shop, the repair tech said it's output transformer was shot and need to be replaced and he knew of none with those spec so it was junk, Any help appreciated Kurt Mar-31-17
A:  Hi 'star23, If you send me the dimensions of the output transformer ( H X W X D ), just approximately, as well as the output tube type - it will probably be a 6BQ5. a 6V6, or a 6L6 - I will be able to figure out a good transformer and tell you where you can find one. Sounds like you will then have a great amp new caps, new tubes and away you go! This will be easy to fix. Best wishes and good luck, Bob Carver
Q:  Hi Bob..lm sorry about my past questions... honestly l was very skeptical about the price of those (expensive for me) beauties and of the real great Bob Carver being in eBay... Based on the challenge you had against Stereophile's? best audio l bought my first and only system which still sounds so good and l will always treasure...a Carver TFM35X...CT-6...SDA-360 CD and AL-lll Speakers...and although very modest l became very fond of You and your products...l love my system Bob and l only wish l've should bought another TFM-35X back then because when l turn the volume half way up it starts to cut off...and someone told me the speakers require more power....so l was looking in eBay for another TFM-35 to pair them as Monoblocks...Can advise me what would be the best way to go?...(l just hope You are the real Bob Carver) Mar-31-17
A:  Hi '4me, The first thing to do is find out if I am the real Bob Carver. I'm going to pinch myself and if it hurts it's really me. Ouch! ! Well, I guess that does it - it's really me! I'll do some research and come up with some good advice. I'll look out into the world and find out what seems to be available, I'll get back to you after the auction is over, or better yet, you can contact yours truly. bob dot sunfire at gee male dot com. Not to worry, we can find a great solution together! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Can the winner switch the color to black? "She who must be obeyed" has told me that red is unacceptable in our décor. Mar-31-17
A:  Hi 'thes, No sweat, you can have any color as long as it's Red or Black. I understand fully! Thanks for writing in, Best wishes, Bob Carver
Q:  I will give you 2300 PayPal direct if you could pull them. I ll pay for shipping as well. I really don t want to wait for the auction to end, you could save the fees from @bay as well. Thanks Matt 512-788-3393 Mar-31-17
A:  Hi Matt, I would love to take you up on your offer, but it may be that your question is an old one. However, out of fairness, I must finish this auction. I am very happy that you are interested deeply in these amps, my pride and joys. Keep your passion and please stay in touch! Warmest, Bob Carver
Q:  Is the HR-895 4 ohm stable? Mar-31-17
A:  Hi 'prairie, It's even better than a mere four ohms - it's completely stable down to one (1!). Four ohms is a walk in the park! Thanks for a great question - I bet many have the same thought! Bob Carver
Q:  I live in Snohomish. I assume local delivery is not a problem! Mar-31-17
A:  Hi 'redhorse, Absolutely no problem! Come on over and pick it up when you win. Best wishes and warmest regards, Bob Carver
Q:  why are these mono blocks selling for $20.50 ?? Mar-29-17
A:  Hi 4me, I think it's the current bid for a 10-day auction. Warmest, Bob Carver
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