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Manuals not in the Library (wanted/needed)

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I regularly look for on eBay for manuals not in the Carver database, specifically to donate them to the site.

Over the past year, finding manuals has been problematic - the only things I've seen listed are manuals already uploaded in the Carver Site database.


I find it odd, that something that should be available (like a TX-10 Owners Manual) never comes up - Carver sold a boatload of those tuners.


The attached Excel sheet is what I use to track the manuals we don't have available.

Some items listed in the Database are (I suspect), in error or never released.

Case in point, I've never seen a TX-14 Tuner anywhere.

I left them on the list just in case I come across one.


If anyone has a copy of the manuals we are missing, please consider donating an e-copy.

If you see one listed on eBay of other sites, please let me know and I'd be pleased to purchase it for donation to The Carver Site (assuming the price is half-way reasonable).


My personal thought since I started this quest several year ago, is that it is going to be harder each year to find these manuals. It would be in everyone's interest to collect what we can, when we can.


BTW... If you notice anything incorrect on my list, please advise.

CarverManuals needed.xlsx

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@Will Meyer  Thanks for the spread sheet.  Indeed, I don't think there ever was such a thing as a TX-14.  I'll be removing that and likely other "ghost" products.


I also noticed there are a number of manuals on the server that cannot be accessed from the site.  I'll try to do a complete audit of the server over the coming weeks and correct that.  It's fussy, detailed work and I can only do it for so long before having the urge to throw my coffee cup at the computer.  :)

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@Will Meyer @BobTFM35 - THANK YOU!  I did this same kind of crusade a few  (many) years ago adding several dozen documents.


@wrf If you see broken links, or missing docs/schematics, can you post a list of the "we had them, but now they are MIA?  If they are from the pile I did back a few years when Dom or Dennis was collecting and uploading, I may have back-ups of some of those.  


I had a thought..., since Rolland retired a few months ago..., I wonder if he'd be willing to donate some of the docs that he collected over the years..., Sunfire, et.al.,  I've never worked with Rolland, and don't have contacts or relationship capital there..., but it seems like a noble opportunity to suggest, if someone knows him personally.

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@wrf I have one more and the second one is close to getting.


Any that are no longer accessible/lost.... and there is a need to search for a new copy I'm just an PM away and I will try to hunt them down.



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Another ghost product is CT-15v listed in preamp tuners.  There is a C-15v (I have one) but no CT.  

BTW… I found a C-15v OM two years ago.  I would pay good money if I could find a SM. 

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