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Manuals not in the Library (wanted/needed)

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New 300dpi scanned PDF sent to @dennismiller55 this morning.

@AndrewJohn Yes I'm sending my DTL manual to Dennis, will be in the mail tomorrow.   Mark

Here is the manual Mark   Carver Digital Time Lens DTL Owners Manual.pdf  




Now that we're talking about this here, I'm comfortable telling you all that I'm prepared to throw $250 at this from my end. So with everyone else's donations, we've got over $500 buying power - I'm thinking that should go a long way.


Also, after I thought about it a minute, I think it best NOT to post anything on this in the general forum. What do you guys think? Just let the seller think we lost interest all together, if in fact he's watching.

I concur. We can PM all the folks who were involved. 
Should another 'find' we want for the community become available, we don't want to tip off the future seller as well. 

Next time I run across something like this I will not bring it out into the open like I did, "I should had better sense than that"
I will PM one of the moderators of the site instead, of course I don't think I will be running across something like this everyday
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You know what? Nobody needs to send any money. I figure I can sell off the duplicates, keep the few we don't have and send the originals to whoever is stockpiling them. The dup's will be enough to recoup my outlay, I think. Who knows, it may be a bust and we get nothing we need. I took the gamble. My donation to the site. Maybe we should reserve the rare ones on to a disc for emailing or snail mailing, rather than risk disclosure and dispursion on the net??? Maybe it's best to have all access to them?
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I would be happy to scan as many manuals as you will send. I have access to a scanner that will do 11x17 in one page - no need to split it across two annoying 8.5x11.


Yup I've got similar. My office has a flatbed capable of those.


We (and by we I also mean me) scan 1000000000 of medical records a year so it's no biggie lol.


It's a 7k scanner that can do up to 1200x1200 dpi whic would be overkill lol.


I also can manipulate the photos to make them more readable since my major was computer graphics ie photoshop.

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Anybody want to venture a guess as to what I did?Big Grin
Nice work Kevin!! Since your negotiation skills seem to be stellar, you wanna call my wife real quick and convince her I need more Carver amps? Big Grin
LOL! Your on your own there bro, most of us are married and have our own selling to do. :-P


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Looks like we will be adding a few SERVICE MANUALS...
Receiver 6200
These were oddly organized, by strict numerical order. I put them together by type, in Alpha-Numerical order. Sort of. Easier for me to find. Some of these may be more inclusive or better detail of ones we have, too. In all about 67 Service Manuals, approx half of which we don't have. Good deal, I say.
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I appreciate your PayPal donations. It will help in shipping these around for scanning.
I'd like to get all of these scanned and digital copies sent to Gene and I. I want to keep categories together.
Groupings like in our library. I will send the entire group to one person for scanning, they can judge if duplicates need to be scanned for better imaging, like the MXR-130 schematics, for instance. Some of the pages are quite large.
I need volunteers for-
Pro Amps-14 (DennisMiller)
Car amps-5
Receivers-7 (DennisMiller)
Tape Decks-5
CD Players-4 (DennisMiller)
Processors and Speakers- 3 
There are Service Bulletins with the appropriate Manual, as found. 
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