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Took my daughter out to the entrance to Antelope Island (about 1/2 mile from our house) to catch the sunset. I haven’t uploaded my DSLR memory card yet, but I snapped this one with my new iPhone 12.  

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I was at the 1981 concert and got a copy of the Rolling Stones photographer's camera roll. The Stray Cats were the warm up band. My best friend work at the photo lab that developed the pictures for the stones and made me a copy of the entire concert. Over 100 pics of amazing shots.

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I don't have any tube amps. So would somebody please explain to me why, in all these high-end setups, everyone loves to leave their ultra-expensive tube amps laying about in the middle of the floor? Right where you'd trip over them when you're trying to get to a volume knob or power switch in a hurry? eusa_doh.gif
Or are they just too big, heavy, and hot to cram into a shelf? Maybe I could start selling "Ampcasters®", they would be mechanic's creepers or furniture movers with pure silver sleeve bearings... and little versions for the cables to trail behind...
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Things laying around on the floor in my house don't last too long.......3 dogs running around tend to make a mess of things LOL!!!
*That's* what was bugging me about those setups: those folks must not have pets! My mutt would reduce those glowing tubes to a rubble of sparks and shards. Bad enough he keeps getting his feet caught in the rack handles, and the speaker grills have cat claw marks on them... 
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