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Perhaps we should come up with a new line of cases for our amps, etc.?  After all, we are always wanting nudes of them...?   


We could strategically paint certain areas just to maintain "decency" of course....?  Or perhaps to hide embarrassing soldering flubs....

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On 6/28/2021 at 7:38 AM, AndrewJohn said:

Very Nice, Kevin.  what speakers were taking that power?

Klipsch KSF-10's.


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Put some 03 Honda Pilot wheels on my new-to-me 03 Element. looks better than black steel wheels!  New Toyo tires, too.  Spent some time yesterday putting the wheels and tires on. Plus a ball joint and all four sway bar links. next is adding A/C. No, it never came with A/C. That was an option in 03. LOL

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