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From the biography of John Boyd regarding the A-10, “Jokes were made that it was so slow that it suffered bird strikes - from the rear - and instead of carrying a clock, the cockpit had a calendar. The plane was so ugly it was called ‘The Warthog’. Many in the Air Force said no airplane could perform or survive in combat as this airplane was supposed to perform. It would be almost twenty years before the A-10 had the chance to demonstrate just how wrong its detractors were.”

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My neighborhood has a number of commercial airline pilots, who also have hobby-planes.  Hanging out at their private airport hangar a few miles away one day after going for a "$100 hamburger" ride... we're sitting around old military trainer WACO biplanes and gull-wings fighters of the past..., the discussion came to the A-10. 


All, ex Airforce pilots present said that if the A-10 airframe were decommissioned and demilitarized to ever be allowed in hands of civilians, they would sell everything to get one...


They all had some interesting stories.  Pilots interest says a lot, as you note, @PhilDent

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