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Things laying around on the floor in my house don't last too long.......3 dogs running around tend to make a mess of things LOL!!!
*That's* what was bugging me about those setups: those folks must not have pets! My mutt would reduce those glowing tubes to a rubble of sparks and shards. Bad enough he keeps getting his feet caught in the rack handles, and the speaker grills have cat claw marks on them... 

Yeah, but if they have speakers that are worth $25k chances are their Fido isn't going to be allowed anywhere NEAR their priceless music 'ROOM' LOL!!!
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Took my daughter out to the entrance to Antelope Island (about 1/2 mile from our house) to catch the sunset. I haven’t uploaded my DSLR memory card yet, but I snapped this one with my new iPhone 12.  

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 My in-laws, approximately 70 years old, taking their FIRST motorcycle ride.  Both survived, both shifted gears appropriately, and neither left skin or blood on the pavement.
Bike is a late-70's Yamaha 50cc ring-ding, scavenged from a different son-in-law who "hadn't gotten around" to hauling it to the dump.  Father-in-Law and I got it running and ride-able again.
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Now *here* are a coupla real VCR's!
My friend has a stack of a dozen of these. He's trying to get one good working one, so he can transfer an old TV commercial to DVD. 
I borrowed a couple to cannibalize some knobs and the XLR jacks off their back for a project:
I didn't weigh them, but these things are fiendishly heavy!!!  
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I figured you'd know what that was;-)
Lol, I wish I had one! But I just took this pic of the only "real" selector switch I could afford:
They should've marked it "SLOWLY NON-FIRING P.O.S."  and "RAPIDLY NON-FIRING P.O.S"! happy0009.gif
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