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I’ve been hanging around the outside looking in for a few weeks now taking in all the great posts, now drooling over some of the great gear described here. But alas, modest budget ~ modest system.


Found this site after picking up a M500t while looking for a PL 400. Now have more questions than answers.

Glad to be here.




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Howdy Paul! Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of Carver.
Please tell us a little about yourself, your system, and your taste in music.
And posts some pix of your gear so we don't have to hound you about it. emwink.gif 
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Welcome, Paul! emteeth.gif
Don't be embarrassed about how modest you feel your system is. In hi-fi, there is definitely a point of diminishing returns! At the end of the day, the important thing is how *you* like listening to your gear- not how much of it you have or how much you paid for it.
Besides, once you're infected with OCCD, you'll *find* a way to get more gear!  emdgust.gif  
An M-500t is drool-bait! Please post some pictures! 
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I used to be normal, but then I joined this site. One m400t and C1,tx2.

NOW a couple of 1.5ts M500t MkII

M500, couple of m400t's C1,CT3, and Tx11 I feel my OCCD is under complete control!

Welcome to the site, and there is no going back!


BTW I only have a mild case!


We all have a love of music in common!

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A sincere thanks to all for the warm welcome. I feel at home already. 
I'm strictly a 2 channel listener. Currently going for classic rock, Dave Mason/Traffic, Jo Jo Gunne, Who, and Stone to name a few. Listen to everything from bluegrass to R&B. I love Hope Sandoval's voice.(Mazzy Star)
I picked up the MG1s from craigslist for $50 + cost of the tweeter kit from Magnepan They sound great.
Maybe new socks at a later time.
Have a Phase linear P-3800 & DRS 400 to power the MG1s. While I really like the way the DRS sounds, I thought it was a bit underpowered. I was  originally looking for a PL 400 but found the M500t. (Craigslist of course)
Long story-short.
It is functional - Very clean inside, seems to be untouched. - Low end tighter and better than the DRS - Mid a little sharper that the DRS- High a bit more understated that the DRS. The M500t looks slightly weak on the right channel meter but my ears tell me it's OK. Low to mid power runs just a tad warm, this seems normal. Full power after about 30 minutes ran hot. I could keep my hand on it but didn't like it. I read these run cool, is that right?
I read somewhere the P3800 and the DRS was the last Carver designed Phase Linears, is that true?
I do plan to refurb or do the MKII upgrade in the near future. Opinions on which based on my speakers, pre amp?
I will probably check voltage and alignment first before I get new parts. I'll have questions. I do have necessary test equipment.
My Other Gear:
PC with M Audio Delta 192 sound card (Daily Driver)FLAC & Mp3s
Kenwood KD-5066, Ortofon F15 MKII (When I need a vinyl fix)
Soundcraftsmen AE2420-R 
Soundcraftsmen RP2212 (well used needs work)
Frazier MkV-As
Kenwood KR-7400 (well used needs work)


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welcome to the Carver site, where music, friends, and techies are collated to form one big family. Scour the way off scale trends and enjoy whats been spinning around the horn.  BTW very nice gear you have it must sound awesome.  party.gif
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Welcome aboard Paul! That's a nice looking setup:-) the 500t is an excellent amp - I think it's pretty hard to ask for a better all-around performer. Sounds like a mkII upgrade will be just the ticket for your maggies.


This is a fun place to be, with something for just about everyone.

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I was kind of leaning towards jumping in head first and going with MKII based on the extensive documentation and photo journals. Thanks to Daddyit, Bill D, Nash, and Rich. I’ve devoured all those posts, All Incredible and a huge confidence builder. If I forgot thank anyone, my apologies.


First I think I’ll get the amp on the bench and check voltage, align and cal meters as soon I can.

Would it hurt to clean the trim pots with deoxit first?

After that, order parts when I can.


I would like to post my progress in the amps section.

Hope to get started soon.


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