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Hello everyone. I'm Chris and I've been lurking on the forum for a while and decided to join. 
I have a Carver C-1, 2 Carver TFM15CB in mono and Paradigm Studio 40 speakers. I also have a Sony SACD player and a Philips 887 turntable. I grew up with that same C-1 mated to a TFM35, which my Dad owns. He got us into Carver gear and all of these years later not much has changed.
 I look forward to exploring this site now that I'm a member.
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Howdy, Chris! Carver is in your ancestral tree, so to speak. We all have diverged from a common ancestor, The Bobfather. Yikes Lots of helpful members with extensive knowledge; a great community to learn within.

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Welcome to the forum, Chris.  This the right place to nurture OCCD (Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder).  
Some say it's in your DNA. My son has it too.
Pics of your gear always welcome.
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Welcome Chris,

I am from just the other side of the Mason Dixon in MD. It is good to see you here, lots of good folks and information about anything Carver and audio in general. Enjoy your stay, pull up a chair turn on some tunes, and stay a while!


Have a great day, and remember Resistance is futile, so let OCCD take its course!



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Welcome, Chris!
I also have a TFM-35 and a C-11 pre, the slightly newer version of the C-1.
Great gear!
As Zumbini tactfully requested, we hawk everyone for 'pichers'.
Cool to have ya onboard.
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Thanks everyone!  My Father just left my house. This is day two of the C-1 testing. Mr. Bob Carver repaired it for us and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the workmanship and the quality of the audio. 
Yesterday was our first day of getting together. We spun lots of vinyl - the re-released Band of Gypsys, Band on the Run, Georgia Satellites...and cds - Sticky Fingers comes to mind as does some Sinatra. We used the Sonic Holography, selected and un-selecting it during many of the tracks to dial it in.
Today was more experimentation with Sonic Holography, on CD strictly. We started out with the Legacy re-release of Brubeck's Time Out, then Time Further Out, them The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour from the stereo box set. 
We were both very impressed with how everything performed.  It seems it gets better the longer I play it. I promise pictures will be posted!  
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Welcome to the site Chris, glad you decided to join us. I've owned a set of Studio 20's since '98 when they first came out and have been unable to part with them ever since. I joined the site not too long ago and have begun my exploration into the Carver gear, these guys are not kidding about that OCCD. The more I buy the more I see I have to have.......good luck.  happy0009.gif
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Welcome Chris.....and thanks for the pic!!! You're already doing better than I am.......I've still yet to post a pic of my setup (partly do to the fact that it's all getting refreshed still) LOL!!!

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