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  1. Knocked up a wall mount with a plinth with spikes on top. Also put some sorbothane half spheres between the speakers and stands. Works a treat! No crazy feedback! Thanks again for the help!
  2. I didn't think of that! It only happens when using the turntable, there must be some feedback. Time for some sorbothane under the speakers and a wall mount for the turntable. Thanks!
  3. I’ve had a bit of a play and it seems to just happen to any speaker at any time. Even when cables have been swapped etc. It’s a strange one.
  4. Hello again, Quick update. I managed to refurbish my Linn Isobariks and got a Carver TFR-45 from Europe. Got everything hooked up and it sounds great. One issue I have is if I turn the amp up past about 12 o'clock one of the bass drivers on one of the speaker starts going crazy and hitting its excursion limit. It happens suddenly and at random. I can't figure out if this is the amp being driven in to clipping (speakers are known to drop to ~2.5ohm) or if it an issue with the xo in the speaker or if the amp is simply overdriving the speakers (doubt it). Does anyone know what clips first, the low or high frequencies? Photos below! Thanks
  5. I think I got lucky with the Neighbour to be honest haha. Ive only ever had British loudspeakers and amps, I’d like to get my hands on a few American brands. I’d really like to hear some JBLs. Id be a bit worried about tackling an amp myself, I guess it depends if I could trouble shoot the issue myself and if it wasn’t too complicated to fix. These Carver amps seem especially intimidating. Something to consider. What at do you think to this amp... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283166762484 ive spoken to the guy, he can speak some English. He says it’s working as it should but he doesn’t know if it’s been repaired or recapped or anything. It says ‘Internally wired by MOSTER CABLES’ on the back. Was that a typical partnership? I’ve put up some internal photos on the other topic ‘purchase help’. Also don’t think price is too bad? Cheers
  6. Sorry forgot to add, I like all types of music really. Apart from the pop garbage that’s on the mainstream radio.
  7. Thanks Daddyjt. The box has the cross overs and amp in. Three way cross over at 500/3000 if I remember correctly. I’ll put a photo up.
  8. @Brian_at_HHH yep I’m going to have to find a 220v unit, there’s actually one in Spain on eBay at the moment for €450 which isn’t too bad, just don’t know the condition. And I I mentioned earlier somewhere, reviving them might be a bit of an issue here. Thanks for for the compliments on the woodwork, took me a while haha. Living in London is certainly expensive, the wages tend to represent that though. I actually live in Manchester which is in the North West. It’s quite a lot cheaper (and better). The speakers were passed to me by a close neighbour, we got talking and it turns out he’s been looking for a new home for them for a while. He was just pleased that I was going to try and resurrect them and enjoy them for another 30 years or so. He actually had quite a few offers on them and despite me trying to give him money he wouldn’t take any! True gent. I guess we we have a few good English Hifi brands over here but they do keep their money well. I can’t justify spending thousands though, hence not going down the naim route. I prefer eating and having hot water haha.
  9. Someone on the forum has two up for $500 a piece. Shipping will be a lot though.
  10. @DrummerJuice the speakers are not bi-ampable in their current configuration, they are an early model and have internal cross overs. A popular choice is to remove the xo all together and go ‘active’. That obviously requires a lot (expensive) amplification, although apparently really takes the speakers to the next level. @Brian_at_HHH I’ve just ordered the tweeters which has set me back a fair bit and I’m going to have a look at the caps in the crossovers once I’ve finished the cabinets. It sounds like The TFM-45 will be able to cope. Problem is getting a decent one to the UK. Another problem I’ve got is having a listening space worthy of the Linns, but I’m working on that as well. The portable system ended up pretty heavy so probably won’t get out much. Idea was to take it on a small trolly thing to garden/park parties or events. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  11. Hi from the UK! I don't have any Carver stuff yet but I'm working on it. As mentioned in my other post I'm looking in to Carver power amps to power my Linn Isobarik speakers. Anyway my current set up is (hopefully) pictured: - Magnum amp (no longer there) - NAD 3130 - Denon Tu-260L - Marantz CD63se - Rega Planar 3 with an RB300 - KEF 104ab (ignore the B&W 601s, they are not hooked up) Also pictured are the Linn Isobariks I've just been given. Need to refurbish the cabinets and replace all FOUR tweeters! The result of an amp clipping... Also pictured is a litle DIY mini sound system I have just built for a bit of of. Anyway thanks for having me, i plan to learn a lot. Looks like I will have to add pictures in seperate replies due to size. Cheers! Linn Isobarik project... Portable Mini sound system. Powered using a 12-24v ebay amp so it can be powered using a golf cart battery...
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