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  1. I have been working on the stash and finally have a batch that are working. I haven't gone through and done any extensive cleaning or parts replacing. Only the parts that I needed to make them work have been replaced, Some new and some used ( Parts ). The cosmetics are not perfect but for the most part they are in decent condition and the faceplates and knobs are in pretty good shape. I want to list them here so if members are interested, you all have first look. Arrangements can be made to ship to any tech you want and if you agree with Greg and Jenny to do your service then I ca
    6 points
  2. I have a C-1 for sale - restored, BillD upgraded, Gundry Filter on SH circuit, Blue LED, and IEC socket (unpolarized 2-pronger). $550 free shipping CONUS. 3 year parts and labor warranty.
    5 points
  3. Carver MXR-150 restoration by Greg. M4.0t MKII upgrade by Greg
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  4. Price $399 plus actual shipping (and paypal fees, if any) This amplifier has been recently serviced and checked (voltages verified, volume controls and switches cleaned) and is in excellent working condition. We have an original Carver shipping box, too. All functions operate as they should and it sounds great, being tested through both a pair of Altec Lansing model 19 speakers as well as a pair of Magnepan model MG2.5R speakers. It sounds beautiful driving either! Both meters, lights and volume controls operate as they should and without any noise or static in the volume control
    2 points
  5. PreAmp/Amp Restoration Work Done By http://www.nelionaudio.com/ 8 x M4.0t amps 4 x TFM-42 amps 2 x TFM-45 amps 4 x M1.0t MKII opt002 amps 4 x BillD C-1 preamps 1 x 4000t preamp (Headphone amp) 1 x TX-11B Tuner 2 x TEAC CD-P1260 CD Deck 2 x TDR-2400 Cassette Decks 1 x TEAC X1000R Open Reel Tape Deck 2 x DBX 215v Equalizer 1 x APC H15 Power Conditioner/Surge 12 x Dedicated Power Outlets 12 x APC G5BK Surge Units 1 x Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones 4 x Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Speakers 4 x Cerwin-Ve
    2 points
  6. Currently located @dennismiller55. Price TBD. The colored LEDs can be changed (currently it is Cool White - my favorite).
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