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  1. Carver MXR-150 restoration by Greg.
    6 points
  2. Currently located @dennismiller55. Price TBD. The colored LEDs can be changed (currently it is Cool White - my favorite).
    4 points
  3. Excellent condition BillD C1. Remote Volume! This has a genuine Alps 20K dual pot, NOT a cheap Chinese "Alps" pot. See pic. Cosmetics are excellent. Excellent face and top. Small scratch on face top. Can not bee seen from front. A few scratches and nicks on the volume knob, other knobs are great. Sounds incredible. $450, Paypal "people you know" option. PM me if interested.
    3 points
  4. Price $399 plus actual shipping (and paypal fees, if any) This amplifier has been recently serviced and checked (voltages verified, volume controls and switches cleaned) and is in excellent working condition. We have an original Carver shipping box, too. All functions operate as they should and it sounds great, being tested through both a pair of Altec Lansing model 19 speakers as well as a pair of Magnepan model MG2.5R speakers. It sounds beautiful driving either! Both meters, lights and volume controls operate as they should and without any noise or static in the volume control
    2 points
  5. These have been part of shop system for over a year. Time for a change so these are for sale. M500t mkII Black Faceplate - $700 plus shipping - Very clean inside and out (top has been painted) - 3 year warranty - Very quiet at idle, screams when pushed. CT-7 Black Faceplate with aftermarket remote - $200 plus shipping. Buy both and I will discount the total by $100.
    2 points
  6. PreAmp/Amp Restoration Work Done By http://www.nelionaudio.com/ 8 x M4.0t amps 4 x TFM-42 amps 2 x TFM-45 amps 4 x M1.0t MKII opt002 amps 4 x BillD C-1 preamps 1 x 4000t preamp (Headphone amp) 1 x TX-11B Tuner 2 x TEAC CD-P1260 CD Deck 2 x TDR-2400 Cassette Decks 1 x TEAC X1000R Open Reel Tape Deck 1 x DBX 215v Equalizer 1 x DBX 224 Tape Noise Reduction Unit 1 x APC H15 Power Conditioner/Surge 12 x Dedicated Power Outlets 12 x APC G5BK Surge Units 1 x Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones 4 x Cerw
    2 points
  7. Dear Carver appreciators... the wife wants my gear OUT OF THE HOUSE, though she allows me to keep my M1.0t MK2 modded amp, and my 1989 Carver Amazing Loudspeakers. Everything has to go, so its a firesale for Christmas. (all from 1989, I am the original caretaker) up on deck for a new set of ears: Carver TX-2 a tuner; C-1 Preamp. $150 each plus shipping. Also available are two CROWN D-150 amps (each from around 1997). $100 each for the amps plus shipping. communication at DrDBJohnson@gmail.com or on the carver site.
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  8. The tremendous power and sonic performance of the M1.0t mkII opt002 is spiced up with Nelion Audio's new retrofit kits. Featuring the vertical high rail capacitor board, and new bias pivot and thump fix CCA's, the mkII feels and looks more professional than ever. Comes with 3 year parts and labor warranty. $750 Feel free to comment below or contact me via PM for questions. Thanks for looking!
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