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  1. Well, I'm really struggling to get rid of these speakers. Its pretty difficult to sell something that is in storage. I don't want to pay storage fees anymore and its too expensive to ship them up north, so I think I will give them away rather than throw them away. if someone wants them let me know. They are in crates that measure 33" x 13" x 57" and the weight of both together is 388 lbs. They were working perfectly when put in storage, but I'm sure they will need some TLC after 8 years. If you can give them a home let me know. They are in Houston TX
  2. Hi All, I have had carver equipment for a very long time. I have a C1 pre amp, M4.0T power amp, DTL 50 CD player and a pair of amazing silver. I have owned all of it since new, I recently had the pre amp and amp re caped. Not because they were not working but because it was probably a good idea. Its incredible these have continued to work for so many years! The CD player still works as well, although the laser is getting weak and isn't tracking perfectly. I can't find a replacement for the laser. The speakers are in storage in Houston so I don't use them right now. I have two systems in the house, one with the previously mentioned equipment but also with a NAD CD player, Cambridge audio blue ray, Paradigm s 110 v3 speakers and a polk audio sub. I use this mostly for watching movies. My second system consists of a Project carbon turntable, Lehman black cube phono pre amp, Creek cd 53 Cd player, Anthem TLP1 pre amp, Anthem P2 power amp and Magnepan .7 speakers. I am lucky enough to have two large living rooms, one system in each. I have looked into the cost of shipping the silvers from Houston but to get them up into Canada isn't worth it, which is disappointing, they really were great speakers. not particularly great bass but that ribbon was fantastic! If anyone is interested in the speakers I would part with them for very cheap. They were working fine when put in climate controlled storage, and they are in wooden crates, but they have been there for 7 years now so probably need new woofer foam and I would re-due the crossovers, just in case. The crossover were re built around 9 years ago but who knows what happens when things sit for long periods of time.
  3. I have a set of .7 magnepans and a C-1 with a M 4T, sounds pretty good.
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