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  1. mewisemagic

    Another Craigs list score !!!!

    damn it
  2. mewisemagic

    what file type is best

    was just wanting to know which would be better when playing in oppo dvd player. turns out it is limted to wma files
  3. mewisemagic

    what file type is best

    when burning music to cd ,in windows media player. which is best to use ? wma,wma(lossless), or wav ?
  4. mewisemagic

    whats better cd or dvd?

    the reason i ask is cause i can fit alot more music on dvd than cd. just wondered about sound quality between the two. i use windows media center to burn music to dvd and use itunes for cd
  5. mewisemagic

    whats better cd or dvd?

    when burning music,which will have better sound when using same player? burning to dvd (holds more) or cd?
  6. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

  7. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

    no,not really.i have driven them with my little tube amp and they sounded great
  8. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

    i don't know. i'm running tfm42 on mine
  9. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

    tubes i use for vocal type of music/easy listening. 1.2's are also used with ht movies/music videos,mostly rock music and al3's are used for LOUD rock music
  10. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

    yeah.and the tubes are running theils,tfm42 running 1.2tls. 3 systems in one location
  11. mewisemagic

    mewisemagic's junk

    system update the last christmas stuff is 9'ts and 1.2tl's. got the little tube amp and thiels a few months back
  12. mewisemagic

    Favorite Quotes

    I won't go down in history....... but i will go down on your sister. -- DLR
  13. mewisemagic

    van halen recording new album

    i saw them in concert for the "diver down" tour. they are my favorite band, also dlr is my favorite solo artist. and i will buy the album. i have only one vh album with hagar and that is 5150. have all the van roth ones
  14. mewisemagic

    van halen recording new album

    in studios now recording, bout time .https://www.theguardian.com/music/2010/aug/10/van-halen-david-lee-roth
  15. i found a freeware program called "ant movie catalog". it's ok, better than nothing