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  1. Your custom speaker kit was possibly by SPEAKERLAB ? I never built a pair myself but I do own a really nice pair of S-50 factory built units. Had to do some refurbishing to make them look new again but now they look and sound pretty good. Mike
  2. Yes-- You just haven't lived till you've been chased through the swamp with mommy alligator, hot on your heels, snapping her jaws just inches behind your feet. The things we do when we are young and stupid !
  3. ratamahatta--- thanks for the link to the foam ribbon covers. I kinda like the looks of the shiney ribbons, Maybe I'll just cover from the ribbons down to cover the ribbon frame joint to the bottom of the woffer box. When I got the woofers back from the shop and put everything back together, I was worried about possible ribbon buzzing but thank goodness haven't heard any at all. I had to order a speaker post nut from B&W (weird thread) as one was missing from the AL-111s which may have been the reason I got these at such a deal. Without that nut, either the ribbon or the woofer was prob
  4. steveford--The same guy that I bought the Denon amp from had a NAD 917 preamp for $100 which I bought also. There dosen't seem to be much used Carver equipment around here on Craigslist and the couple pieces that I've looked at have been a little beat up. I'm sure some nice stuff will show up sooner or later. ratamahatta-- Thanks for the input on the Polks. I've never listened to a set of either the Polks or the Infinitys. Your statement that the Carvers sound better than either may have saved me $600 which I would rather put toward a nice Carver amp and pre-amp pair. I almost had
  5. That is the model number the guy posted. The picture shows a large passive radiator on the bottom, 4 drivers in the middle with two tweeters above. He is asking $400 for the pair. Finally found them They are SDA-1As
  6. I need some advice--- I'm looking for another set of speakers (does it ever end ?) and have to decide on a set of Polk SDA 2795 or a set of Infinity Kappa 8.1s with the front port and all oak face (pretty-pretty). I know that the Infinitys are hard to drive but I picked up a Denon POA 2800, from a neighbor, that should do the trick. The Infinitys are only $200 more than the Polks but I'm mainly after hi quality sound. By the way--- I've had the Carver AL-111s running for about a week now and they do sound marvelous- simply marvelous ! Also, does anyone know where I can get the black foam
  7. OK-- I think I have a chance on getting a Sunfire amp by trading a few of my vintage receivers for it. Question-- I see a Carver C-4000 pre-amp on E-bay. Would that be a good match with the Sunfire or should I look for a different unit?
  8. TNRabbit----Think you for your TIMELY reply. I got up this morning ready to take these beauties all apart. Told the wife "by the time you come home, I'll be all finished". Good thing I saw your reply. I'm the kind of guy that if tight is good- tighter is better. Anyway, I've cleaned them all up with windex and elbow grease and have decided that I'll just check to make sure the screws aren't loose. I see some spyder webs behind the oak panels but I can blow those out with some compressed air, gently. I've wired up the ribbons and am listening to them right now at low volume. For now I'm
  9. ratamahatta-- Thanks for your input. It didn't even occur to me to remove the jumper and just run the ribbon, I'll definately do that tomorrow. I might as well upgrade the caps in the crossovers while i've got things apart. Where would I find a list of the suggested replacements?
  10. Well-- I finally made the trade with the gentleman in Tampa. He put me off for a couple of days and I was beginning to wonder if he was hopeing for a better deal to come along but he was true to his word and I'm now the proud owner of a pair or AL-111s. The wife and I carried them into the house and 30 minutes later I had the woofers out and ran them down to get them refoamed. I didn't even hook them up to see if they worked and now I'll have to wonder for another week before I can put them back together. A whole week! By then I'll have taken these units apart, cleaned, polished, replace
  11. Thanks everyone, again. jldeni-- I purchased the Bozaks maybe 12 or 14 years ago at an estate sale for $50. They are in excellent condition and all original although I believe the crossovers have been upgraded. There was a like new tube amp that went with them (gold in color and no case, just the tubes exposed) but at the time I didn't know that tube amps were very desireable so I didn't spend the $50 for the amp. When I got the Bozaks home I took the backs off to check things out and was flabergasted at the size of the crossover. Over the years I've picked up a spare set of woofers and tw
  12. I've only listened to 2 channel stereo for many years. I've have a pair of Bozak B302a speakers that I power with a Sansui G8000 receiver.. A couple years ago I purchased a Cambridge Audio azur540c CD player ,( to replace an older Onkyo unit) and I like it very much. I have a set of B&W 804 matrix speakers that I listen to for a few nights then go back to the Bozaks. I switch the receivers around running the Sansui for a week then maybe a Sony STR V7, Pioneer SX1050 or a very nice Fisher Studio Standard RS-1080. I'm looking forward to the big Carver speakers although it sounds like
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone. blues pwr, I've got a wide assortment of music, all on CDs. What I've been listening mostly to lately is instramental music, with Andreas Vollenweider doing most of the damage on the old eardrums the last couple of months. I've pretty much given up on the TV and I'm even thinking of moving that system elseware in the house which would give me more room for more speakers. Yeah, I know, I need counsuling.
  14. Hello-- I live in Bradenton Florida. I've been collecting a few vintage electronics for about 5 years now, mostly silver faced receivers. I'm trading a couple nice Sony receivers for a pair of Carver AL-111 speakers tomorrow and I will be looking for info on upgrades and where to get the woofers refoamed as I'm told they are in need of it. I'm hopeing to find a few vintage Carver pieces to add to my collection.
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