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  1. hi all just started having problems the other day when i turn the amp on after about 5 min went in protection mode for about 1-2 sec meter lights dim this will happen 4 to 5 times in about 20 min than all is good for at least 10 hrs done playing music by than i can push it hard no problem so the next day i started it up but with out the pre amp on same thing it seams when it "warms up"it plays great both capacitor up grads sold by circuitsandconcepts wear in stalled about 6 mo ago any ideas thanks all Rob
  2. when i log in and go to my topics nothing shows up what am i doing wrong?
  3. hi all Rob hear just received a m-500 love it but thinking of getting the mkII upgrade but on the carver mk II site and it wont let me contact or get Greg Garska or Wayne Foster can any one help Thanks
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