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  1. sent email to service@nelionaudio.com
  2. I have wonderful news... It's been a little over a week since my 500 has found it's way home. Unpacked, reconnected, and powered up! The power on noise I previously mentioned now sounds much more refined than before. It passed Greg's test, so I'm confident it's completely normal and must be the mag coil being energized. The "new" amp sounds exquisite, much clearer and the music is more defined. My Polk 10Bs seem to love their "new" power provider, and play considerably louder than before. I'm very happy! Thanks again Greg!
  3. Thank you! The noise is quite minor, but no other piece of equipment I own does anything similar. It only last a second and doesn't seem to harm anything. I'm positive Greg will notice it, and if he deems it "normal" then I will certainly worry no more.
  4. Ah, yes, I have a lowly old Yamaha CR-620 receiver hooked up to the Fluance RT-85 in the meantime. It's pretty clean and all original and does a fair job of filling in for now.
  5. Hi Carver-fans! It's amazing to see such a devoted group of followers. I picked up a used M500t off of C/L back in 2015 or so and have been enjoying it since. I have it running a warmed up pair of Polk 10Bs. It is currently fed by an Adcom GFP-565 Pre. I have a C-2 but it will needs a thorough cleaning. Anyway, within the last 30 minutes, my M500t was delivered to Greg for the mkII upgrade! I always felt like the left channel was louder than the right, and upon power up, there has always been this short "bungggg..." sound from the chassis. I felt it was time to get this done! I'm excited! It's good to be here, Thanks, Dan
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