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  1. Yes, there’s many scams in high end, some by very well known “reputable” companies.
  2. By no means do I perceive you are challenging me. I'm no golden ear either, and I don't think I know any more than you about high end equipment than you. I apologize if I seemed to be down grading the B&Ws. My preference is closer to planar speakers than dynamic, thus my bias. I do know acclaimed professional recording studios use the B&Ws. What professional recording studios require for speakers (neutrality) seem to be very different than home application though (musicality). B&Ws will always be more dynamic than planars like Martin Logan (full or hybrid). But the Carver AL
  3. I have heard many reference B&W speakers, including the Nautilus and current reference, over the years since the late 80's. The problem with B&W speakers is their proprietary Kevlar midrange driver IMO. They have a veiled house sound that does not suit my taste. And their diamond tweeter is not a true 100% diamond tweeter and doesn't do anything special compared to the ribbon or planar magnetic tweeter. I know a B&W dealer who told me the crossover parts quality and internal workmanship of the reference line is not up to the standards for the price they're asking.
  4. Hmm...How about Stormy Daniels?
  5. My system never cheats on me, doesn't nag me, doesn't all of a sudden get headaches in bed, and will never ask for child support or alimony!
  6. We'll have to do a shoot out
  7. Funny you asked. I told Bob I may want another pair the the ALS so I can use it as the "ambience" speaker that can be hooked up to the crossover. That would be complete overkill. I'm not a huge fan of surround sound as it sounds artificial to me. I'm still a 2 channel guy at heart. I don't have infinite funds for a full surround system either. ? Hey good to hear from you! Unfortunately I have not had the time to hook up the C-9 yet. I don't have the right length cabling and space to set it up on my rack yet. I will try to set it up within the next month or so. Thanks for visiti
  8. Hmm...that may be a great idea! It will help me recoup some of the cost of this system. ? You be surprised how "inferior" systems can outperform megabuck systems shown in most audio shows. Get the room correct, and you're 80% there to a great sounding "inferior" system. BTW, our room is a medium sized room, but the massive Carver amplifier with its isolation stands and ALS speakers make the room seem small.
  9. According to Bob, the ALS due its height and infinite line source design would work best with 8 foot ceiling. Our reference room size is about 17 (w) x 22 (l) x 10 (h) feet. Primary source is the Aqua Formula DAC and Lampazator Golden Gate DAC. Music server is the dB Audiolabs Mac Mini that has been totally reworked with rewritten OS code optimized for audio, battery power supply, gamer RAM, internal SD hard drive, and external Oyen hard drive, all chosen for their sound quality. Audervarna music software is usded for playing music. I use the USB connection with iFi iGalvanic and iU
  10. Thanks Bob. The ALS speaker close ups.
  11. Thank you. Bob and I are very fond of the system. A few closeups.
  12. Long overdue photos of the Carver Reference System
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