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  1. Hello,


    I have a C-1 that needs to be repaired and I noticed you were local and had the "Carver Repair Team" tag on your profile.  Are repairs to C-1's something that you do?


    As a little background, I purchased the C-1 and a M 1.0 a couple of years back to get a feel for the Carver gear.  I quickly found that I loved the sound of Carver but that the sound was slowly degrading and moth balled them with the intent of having both restored.


    Recently I dusted them off, hooked up the C-1 to some Yamaha HS-8 powered monitors, the M 1.0 to a pair of JBL 4412's, found I still loved the C-1, but there is a steady thump every 1 second or so coming through.


    After hearing the C-1 again, comparing it to other integrated amps, the need to have it repaired first (the M 1.0 second), became a priority. 


    I know very little about repairing electronics and any guidance would be appreciated.


    Thank you,

  2. Thanks Zumbini! That for sure sold me on the BillD mod. The phrase "neutral black hole" pretty much says it all. I'm looking forward to learning more! And thank you again for the warm welcome.
  3. Thanks Barry! I think you have sold me! I know that there is vendor section here, but do you know of any shops in the Salt Lake City, UT area that specialize in this stuff?
  4. Thank you both for the advice and the welcome! I'm not a DIY electronics guy so I figured finding a rockin tech would be the way to go. And yes, I plan on keeping the set. I like the amp more than anything I've used thus far (Yamaha, Halfer & Crown). The C1 I'm still on the fence with. So the advice to get the amp done first is very helpful. As far as the BillD upgrade, where could I find a layman's description of the mod? Vinyl isn't really my thing. Don't get me wrong, I've listened to plenty of it, and some albums just don't sound the same otherwise, but CD and Digital are primary sources. Would the BillD still be the way to go? Thanks again. eaandh
  5. I was hoping I could get an opinion about having a C-1 and M 1.0t completely gone through / upgraded. These were purchased about 6 months ago and really like how they sound, but have read in many places that they will blow you away once refurbished and upgraded by a qualified tech. As this is a rather expensive endeavor for a casual, but appreciative, listener like myself, I was wondering if these are right Carver components to take the time to refurbish. Or is there another combination I should consider. This is my first run with Carver equipment, so I thought some informed opinions could possibly help avoid unnecessary mistakes. I am currently driving two JBL 4412 studio monitors that have had the subwoofers repaired, but nothing else has been done to them. My source material is either CD or Digital from my computer. Thanks in advance for your help!
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