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  1. Yup, LOVE me some Thiel 3.6's. Previous generations of Thiel's sounded awfully bright to me......the 3.6's though are magical. If I could only listen to one speaker for the rest of my life, they are it. The do it all and are relatively unfussy about much. BDT
  2. Again, thanks fellas....and anyone that finds themselves in the Charleston area, feel free to drop in.....the Rancho de No Concerno is always open. Ribbons will be here on Tuesday, so I should have them up and running shortly. BDT
  3. Hey guys! Thanks! The guy I’m getting the ribbons from told me that the ribbons were rebuilt by a gentleman from South Carolina from the carver site......The guy I’m getting them from got them from a guy who had Ed rebuild them. Anyway, they arrive next week so we will find out what is what. In addition the that rig, I have my other rig which is a VPI Scoutmaster, A Jolida CD player heavily modded by a guy (F1Nut) from the Polk forum, a Musical Fidelity A1008 integrated amp....and I rotate between a pair of Maggie 1.6’s and AR 302’s Cheers, Troy
  4. Just wanted to introduce myself.......I'm not new to this site, but it's been years. Anyhow, long time Carver fan.....I've owned at one time or another tons of Carver gear. Anyhow, I've got a set of Platinum MkIV's that a friend brought to my place for a Polkfest back in 2008 (I sold him my original ALS's and he in turn sold them to acquire the MkIV's).....and listening to a Telarc disc at high volumes after a few too many adult beverages, a ribbon bit the dust. So, they've been lurking in a closet for, what, 13 years? Anyhow, getting off my duff.....sourced a pair
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