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  1. Pandora for now if that’s what your asking. Thanks everybody. I know I don’t have an extravagant set up like some of you, but it really sounds good to me. Very blessed to have what I do have! Merry Christmas to everyone !
  2. As requested by everyone. It has taken some time to acquire the right set. I was lucky enough to find these two gems on eBay. My first venture went quite south with a C-1 and M 1.0 t set. Turned up DOA. Lucky enough I was dealing with an honest seller. Long story short, seller refunded my money and I found my new set. Sooooo happy with this arrangement. I now have a C-2 with a M-200t paired with a new set of NHT Classic 4’s. Here they are!
  3. Thanks for the big welcome! Ill be sure to have pics up as soon as my set arrives!
  4. Its refreshing to find a site dedicated to the Carver connection. I have been a huge fan of this equipment for as long as I can remember. I have been lucky enough to find a nice combo of the C-1 and M 1.5t on ebay and hope to learn more from the enthusiasts on this site. My beginnings go back to 1990 while stationed in Germany with the Air Force, I purchased my first Carver set, a CT-7 and TFM 42. Fell in love from that point on. To this day I wish I would have never sold them. But as most of you know, when your young you tend to do stupid things. So that being said, this should be a fun an
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