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  1. I'm still trying to work out a solution here, if anyone has contact with Morjet/Ed Trevino please reach out to him and tell him to contact me. Another user has reached out and said he has his phone number and has been in contact with Morjet, but that user refuses to share the number with me -- I believe MorJet owes me a phone call to be given a chance to explain what's happened. Morjet's ad for Carver Ribbon Repair has been taken down, presumably by himself.
  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the offer it's very nice of you but on short notice I don't think it's the best thing to do . I'm hoping to hear back from Morjet or from anyone who may know him personally. I'd like to get his phone number, that's for sure.. I guess I should've done that while we were still exchanging messages. I understand he's an older man and there may be health problems or whatever preventing him from communicating. Interesting information, thanks. I guess I'll try messaging him again. He has not responded to Paypal's efforts to contact him in regards to the dispute I've filed. His ad on eBay is still present though if you search for Carver Ribbon Repair.
  3. Hello all, I'm Nick. I have a pair of Carver Amazing speakers that were starting to develop a buzz problem in the ribbons. Another user here named MorJet, aka Ed "Eddie" T., offers a repair service for ribbons he has posted some threads here and he also offers his repair service through eBay. On May 4 I purchased his repair service and shipped my ribbons from here in North Carolina to some place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been communicating with MorJet for many weeks throughout the summer but our communications stopped after he quit replying to my messages on Oct 4th. I sent him a message that asked if my ribbons were ready and his reply was they were good to go & he would ship them and give me a tracking number that following Monday. It's been several weeks and there has been no indication he's going to send my ribbons to me. Since then he has completely ignored my other messages, he has also ignored the Paypal dispute I was forced to start. So far it's been 20 days since we last spoke and it's becoming apparent that there is a problem. At this point, I just want my property back. I'm about 800 miles away from Morjet but I do have his address and I might make a stint to Michigan to get my things back. I'm that intent on it. Does anyone have MorJet's/Eddie's contact info? I know some people here have done business with him as I discovered he was active about a year ago when I researched his post history. I have begged him to give me a call so we can get this fixed and end this nonsense. I checked the obituaries, he ain't dead.
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