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  1. It's $ 1100.00. I can't figure out how to edit the title. Price is listed under tag where title is. Thanks for the heads up! yes, still there yes, still there
  2. Hello, Up for sale is a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 amplifier. I bought it on Audiogon and had it shipped to Flannery's Vintage Audio for a 20 year overhaul. Item is a 7.5-8 cosmetically. Under the hood is clean. Amplifier sounds great. I just upgraded to another amp, so I really don't need this one. I know there are a lot of Carver fans on this site and hope to give it a good home. This amp was overhauled and made to last. Updates to resisters and caps. New fluorescent lamp and power relay. As Flannery says, it as good as new and better. Let me know if you have any questions. Original box and powercord. Thanks, Anthony
  3. Hey everyone,


    Quick question, does anyone have the original Cinema Grand 5x200 manual. I researched the hell out of it and can't find it. My S/N date is 06/2000. The total power consumption is 1200 watts max. 



  4. hello all,


    just purchased a Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 Channel amp. Had it restored by Bill Flannery. Still awaiting to receive it. Are there experts on here who know this amp. I know mine was made 6/2000. There seems to be different variations of this amp. Particularly the power cord slots on either the left or right side. I can't find the owners manual for my model. Also, the manuals I did read say the XLR balanced inputs are european version. Some are saying USA version. Can anyone confirm this.



  5. Hello everyone, have a little issue with amp. Why does my center channel signal on status LED pop on when I have no signal going to it  Comes on when I have music playing in stereo mode.. No sound is coming from the speaker seems to come on with very loud volume(-5 to 0db)  Any suggestions.

    1. Anthony


       Here is a pic of my amplifier 

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