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  1. The way around this is to get a reseller certificate with your state and file it with eBay or the auction house. This is commonplace with art auctions. Provided you sell a piece from time to time, you qualify as a reseller and can get around paying taxes on your purchases. Now, you have to pay taxes on your sales. So, if you buy a lot of equipment and sell one of the pieces in that lot (with or without refurbishment), you could qualify as a re-seller. I have a habit of collecting movie posters and the auction houses I use suggest selling a few a year...so I'm primarily a collector, but qualify as a re-seller. Knocking out 9% tax on my purchases in SoCal is a big win.
  2. Long time lurker...first time poster. I recently bought a C1 from jeffs from this site which I had BillD+ by allflehisequalwhenburnt. This turned out awesome. Then I picked up a faceplate which I bought from Russkall on the Bay...then I went a little crazy on the auctions. Picked up another 4 C1's, a pair of M500t's, one M500 and a pair of M1.5t's. I had Greg Garska @ Neilon MKII'd the M500 that came in DOA along with refurbishing a M1.5t. Along with more faceplates and LED lights from Russkall. Greg does great work and Russkall's easy to follow instructions made me feel like a reel mod. Then a C-4000 which I added to the stack of C1's for BillD+ mods by allflehisequalwhenburnt. At this same time, I devised two separate but equal systems for my daughters. One an anthracite C1 BillD+, M500t, M1.5T with a TX-11a. She actually liked the fact the anthracite had turned purplish. The other, very much on the dark side of life, has the blacked out C1, M500t, M1.5t and a TX-11b... Then I caved and bought a 490T off CL and started getting the tube bug...the long lingering 390t on the bay...followed by a 490T trade here on this site with Heathkitua1. Which lead me to tapping into kve777 knowledge base about tubes and ultimately to one of his modified Onkyo 7030 "t". It's been a very expensive quest, but enjoyable all the same. Years ago, I did the popular ALIII mod using new wires and Infinity woofers, hooked it up to a Sunfire Load Invariant and bi-wired. Then I used a pair of Sunfire TGA-7401's in my Home Theater System and a 7400 in the Master. I was excited then disappointed by the Emotiva / Bob thing...but recognize his work in seemingly a lot of off-brand amps. I never got the Phase Linear bug...fortunately for my bank account. In any event...I seemed to have missed the announcing myself to the group and skipped right to OCCD.
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