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  1. Hey everyone. I ended up at the Carver site after buying a M1.5t and C-1 combo for cheap. Prior to buying I had solely bought and worked on Pioneer, Sansui, and Marantz. It had been a slow week on the local sale site when that combo popped up. I knew nothing about Carver and when I googled the 1.5t and saw 350 watt/channel I thought it was a mistake. After a little more research I pulled the trigger. 1.5t was listed as having an occasional pop. I recapped with kit I believe Carver site member sells on epay. Also did his BillD upgrade to the C-1. I did something wrong with the C-1 upgrade and in trying to run down my mistake I was continually directed to this site as the place to be. Sooo I joined up. Instead of fixing the C-1, I ran it with a phono preamp as I couldn't bring myself to not listen to the system that was driving my JBL L150A's better than anything else I'd had to date. I've come into another C-1 that I've made the same mistake with. I'm guessing that will be something I address here sooner or later. Also picked up a M400a a couple of weeks ago for parts or repair that the owner was selling for someone. When he hooked it up, his woofers jumped and he freaked. Got it home, ran it with small test speakers. Works fine, ran all day, cool, no issues. Looks like today or tomorrow I'm going to come into a tfm 15 & 35 in trade for a Sansui 8080db. Addiction confirmed. I'm in the process of gifting or selling off my other receivers and amps. Happy to be running Carver and excited to learn more about the audio equipment that people either really love or really hate and you can get for a reasonable price as some people believe it is too much trouble to fix.
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