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  1. I am not sure if this has been posted here already, and I apologize if it has. It did however bring a smile to my face. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/16/entertainment/billy-joel-piano-trnd/index.html
  2. Thank you RodH for reaching out to Mark - we spoke this morning. He said the scratchy sounding woofer is probably because of magnet shift. This is a common problem with the old Polk woofers he said. He told me to remove the woofer and look for a model number on the back, and that he even has some spares, so we need to see if he has a match. I told him that I wasn't sure if I was comfortable doing that, so he said he'd send me some pictures tonight of what to do and what to look for. BrianHHH, I am so sorry to hear that you've had to go through the same thing that I have. My feelings swing all over the place. Some days I can't even find joy in anything, and some days I almost forget she is gone. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm so used to her being the the living room reading, that I just expect her to be there in her chair when I walk into the room, then when she's not there it hits me, and it's like I'm losing her al over again. Sorry for rambling, but maybe it makes sense to you. thank you again everyone.
  3. Hello again to all the fine members here. I want to start by apologizing to you for my disappearing act last fall. Shortly after I joined here, by wife of 41 years became sick again. She was in cancer remission, but this last bout was more than she could bear, and she passed on in March. My life has been a blur for the last half year, but one of the things that's kept me sane and quite honestly alive, is the ability to lose myself in music for hours at a time. I joined a support group of sorts, with a few other old timer widows like myself, and that's help some too. Coincidentaly, one of the guys in the group has an old pair of Polk speakers very similar to mine, but they are not working, they have very scratchy sound out of one of the 6" woofers. I told him I know a guy that can probably fix them, but I have looked high and low and I cannot find Mark's number at my house. I have messaged him here, but I have not heard back from him. He goes by "daddyjt" here. Is there anyone here that knows his number and can either share it with me, or does anyone here have a way to contact him and let him know that I am trying to reach him? I would appreciate it, as I would like to help my friend get his speakers running. Thank you, and I'll try to be a regular member from now on. Brian
  4. Wow - you have a great welcoming committee here! Thank you. I am entirely new to Carver. I remember hearing about the name back when I was younger, but have never owned any of it. Right now I have a receiver running the Polks. After reading some here, it sounds like I need an amplifier. I have a feeling this is going to get expensive. I am confused after trying to read about the Bill D changeover, and I am embarrassed to say that I do not really understand what it does? I will have to get some pictures of my sound area, but I warn you it is not at all a man cave. I had to sacrifice all of my say in the decoration of the room to be able to have the Mrs approve of large speakers, formerly Bose 601, and now even bigger the Polks.
  5. Thank you for accepting my application! I have been meaning to come here for several months now, as I was sent here by another member to read-up on the Carver C1, and a modification called the Bill D. Early last winter, I was selling a subwoofer on the local classifieds. I received a call within a few hours from a guy saying he was interested, but was about 45 minutes away, and couldn’t make it out for 2 days (Toole is about 1/2 hour from Salt Lake). I agreed to hold it for him, and he came out as promised 2 days later. When he got here, I had the sub hooked up to demonstrate, and we listened for a couple minutes to a disc set he brought that is actually from this very site. I was blown away by the tracks he played, and said as much. He insisted that I keep the CD set, as he said he had another. I love the set, and use it a lot. When we went to get the box for the sub, he saw my Polk SDA 2 speakers, and asked if they were for sale. When I said no, he asked why I wasn’t using them. I showed him that 2 of the speaker wire nuts were broken, and that I didn’t have the cable connecting the 2 speakers together any more. At his insistence, we removed the plates that hold the speaker nuts, and he methodically marked and removed all the wires. He said he could fix me up, and get my Polks back up and running, so I trusted him to take the plates. 2 weeks later, he was back at my house. He had replaced ALL or the speaker wire nuts with beautiful gold ones, AND made a new cable to connect the speakers together! He installed all of this, and helped me move the speakers into position. We (mostly him, as I am not up to too much of that any more) got everything hooked up, and I was speechless. That wonderful Polk sound I remembered was back! I have listened to them almost every day since. And on top of all that, he wouldn’t let me pay him for any of it - he said he already had all the parts, and it was an easy job. We talked a little bit about the Polk sound, and he said what if I told you there was an even greater audio genius than Mr Polk? That of course Mr Carver. He told me that Carver made the Polk SDA sound into his preamps instead of the speaker, so the effect could be used on many other speakers. So here I am, looking at the C1. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun place to visit, and I thank you again for accepting me. Brian
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