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  1. I’ve been bitten by the Carver bug many years ago when I saw his amazing cube amplifier and heard the sonic holography. This forum is an amazing collection of knowledge. And everyone seems to be very helpful
  2. Thanks, I picked up a few more bits of info browsing around today. I’ll post some pictures of my equipment when I have something to show.
  3. I need the one ribbon repaired and the leds for power on the tfm-42 aren’t working but it sounds good. After I mod the c-1, I’ll consider going over the tfm-42. But from looking around it sounds like it’s not a job for a novice. I’ll be selling off my non-carver audio gear to provide the funding for more
  4. I was bitten by the carver bug back when the c-4000 and m-400 came out. I couldn’t afford it, but would visit an audio store and listen amazed at the sonic holography. I followed Bob Carvers career and I was continually in awe of the gear he produced. I eventually was able to buy a pair of amazing silver speakers which I still have and need to rebuild. I have learned a great deal about the various gear and I took the plunge and bought a tfm-42 and a c-1. The c-1 needs a new power switch which I was able to order because of the information here. I also ordered the caps and resistors for the BillD mod for my c-1. This forum is a great asset to the carver community. I lurk here more frequently now that I have retired but this is my first post because I can’t touch type. I’m sure that I will be asking questions in the future and look forward to learning more. Thanks again. BobSt1
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