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  1. I downloaded a service manual for a 130 and there is a service bulletin about checking the voltage on 3 ceramic disk caps on the 511 board that sounds like it could fix my problem but the part numbers in the bulletin don't seem to match anything on the parts lists so please help--what value are those caps and what is their part number that would match up on the printed circuit board layout in the service manual ?
  2. My radio can't seem to find any stations or make any sound to the speakers but it lights up with the station numbers and can manually move up and down the spectrum OK I cleaned the monitor switches and worked them back and fourth with deoxit . I had previously changed out the digital switch IC --any ideas where to go next --oh-- the AMP with AUX in works OK with a blurtooth adapter
  3. OK got some tunes happening --turned out the Volume and Fader pots were reallt crapped up --cleaned them with electronic cleaner spray ( have some deoxit on the way too ) and viola --tunes ! now on to the radio--I sprayed down the tuner IC board good while wiggling the connectors and it seems to do everything but output sound ? Do those 2 electro caps mentioned as culprits cause no output or is it some other little bugger ?
  4. It will power up with the radio //etc display lit up and will switch functions however there are only 1 LED showing in each volume indicator and no output to the speakers no matter what I do. I changed out the Relays and the Toshiba selector IC and the usual charred resistors already. There is only one click on power up so my question is what is the startup routine and how is it done _R/C delay circuit I am guessing ! I am thinking it probably needs the power supply capacitors changed out but there is probably a voltage test point or two I can verify if the switcher supplies are working ?? Also I see references to a cap that should be changed that is located near the radio IC so what are the symptoms if this cap is bad or going bad ?--Thanks in advance for any help
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