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  1. I know a guy that has a SD/A 490t for sale if you’re still looking
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I received the new capacitors and attempted the replacement. Good news, the amp turns on and produces sound. Is it fixed? Sorry, first time with a repair. While replacing C512 and 513 when removing one of the capacitors I think I removed the copper ring terminal. A few questions on that, it looked like I could still see the line coming in and made sure solder covered it. Will that suffice? Is there anyway to repair the copper pad? I’d hate to have ruined the amp! The amps been running for 30 minutes is there anything I should do/ look for after installing new capacitors? Sorry for the simple questions but I’d really like to learn and know what I’m doing. Thanks, Doug
  3. Hello Everyone from the Minneapolis area. I purchased a M500 and C-1 over the weekend. It sounded great the little I was able to listen before a capacitor blew on the power supply. I’ve ordered replacements and am hoping to get it back up and running. This will be my first attempt at replacing a capacitor but it seems pretty straight forward. I look forward to learning more about the equipment and Carver products! Doug
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