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  1. Thanks, it's a little collection compared to the ones i see you people have. I'm pretty amazed by all those Carver gooddies. I'm from Québec, Canada and it's hard to find good condition Carver gear around hear.
  2. Hello, i'm a new member on the Carver site. I own one Carver C1 preamp and two Carver M200t amps. The two M200t are fed by the C1 via mono connections. Each of these amps drive a OHM model i speaker. I have a Thorens TD-316 TT hooked up on the C1 with the TP-21 Tonearm carrying a Grado Prestige Green cartridge. I have mounted this system in the last 2 years and it's pretty impressive for the amount of money invested so far. I just received a BillD upgrade kit for the C1 preamp and i would like to know any comments from people who actually done it. Thanks
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