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  1. Thanks everyone! Let the mutual enabling begin!
  2. A couple of Axiom M5HPs at the moment. Dedicated vinyl listening zone down in my basement studio. Pretty small room ,10x20.
  3. Hey bud, thanks. I am just south of Oakland in Castro Valley.
  4. PMAT

    Hey there, welcome to the circus. I live in Northern California as well. Where is your city? My name is Paul and I am in Santa Rosa.

    1. astav


      Hey Paul. I'm down in Castro Valley, 20 min south of Oakland.

  5. Hey everybody! Acquired some Carver gear awhile back, now I want more:) Currently have a CT17 and a TFM15cb (which just crapped out). Have a TFM45 on the way (woohoo!) and am looking for a C1 or C19 to pair with it. Super cool to be here. Be seein' you!
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