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  1. The Black extension cord is a temporary test that fell out wery well and will be replaced by 3 separate 10 amps 240V outlet sockets soon. They will all be feed by a 5x2.5mm2 power cord direct from my house power plant. All of my hifi gear and my computer will be connected to this new feeder. I hope it will lower the sound floor and eliminate ground loops between the units. Today when I disconnect and reconnect units I see small sparcs from the ground leader, hope this will dissapear.
  2. I live about 250 km South of Gothenburg, Olofstrom is a small town of 7000 residens in southern Sweden Try to post a couple of pics. First one is in my listening room, second one is where amps are located. I have until now only Carvers Pro gear so they will need further modifikation before they can be in my listening area. The Marantz monoblock will be sold soon, Carvers amps sound better.
  3. I have some work to do before any pics, looks like crap at this moment.
  4. My father Egon on banjo. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=10150170847469154&_rdr
  5. Hi. I'm a little crazy man from Sweden, as my father is a musician playing the banjo I have been interested i music all my life. Started my quest for good sound with a 2x2W Philips tube amp. Have gradually climbed the ladder against the sound nirvana. About 8 years ago I stumbled over a nice set of B&W800 series 80. They sounded nice but thin with my Pioneer M73. I upgraded with NAD318, it became better, then I was offered a pair of Carver PM1.5a and 2x450W made a difference but still I felt that they had more to offer. Bridged the Carvers and WOW I was blown away b
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