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  1. @RodH Thanks! Just messaged him. Looks like he's just down an in NC worst case scenario. I was really anxious about the ribbons as I'm not very experienced with them.... but for the most part they are amazing! Any other VA, NC, MD members here?
  2. Hey guys, I'm not sure where to post this as I'm new, but I got my ALIIIs setup this evening Bi-Amped with the M1.0t running the subs and the M500t running the ribbons. Overall I'm really really happy. The surrounds on the subs are performing really well (Maybe a future upgrade/mod are in order), but I did notice some ribbon buzz at certain ranges (a few really specific freqs).... I switched the amps to confirm it was the ribbons- with buzzes on slightly different ranges on both ALIIIs... I pulled the foam and there are a few small undulations in the ribbons where the buzz comes f
  3. @Sk1Bum I've got a friend who has done the BillD mod on his C1 and it sounds great! Definitely the route I will go
  4. Glad to be here, new member from Virginia. Recently got interested in Carver and have acquired several units: C1 pre - I would like to recap this soon M1.0t - Hopefully the MKII opt 2 is in order M500t - Also hoping to do the MKII A set of ALIIIs I'm planning on bi-amping the ALIIIs with the M500t running the ribbons and the M1.0t running the subs. Any advice/recommendations?
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