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  1. That makes sense. I’m a relatively new member. I’ll stand by and will also read through all the posts that discuss how this forum operates. thanks! -E
  2. Clearing my cache made no difference. Still getting message that I am not allowed to download. Tried several different files in the download section. Got same message for all of them. Windows 10, Chrome. Ad blocker turned off.
  3. I'm getting the "you aren't permitted to download this file" for every file listed in the "files" section of the forum. Perhaps this is because I'm a new member? I'm using Google Chrome/Windows 10. My ad blocker (uBlock Origin) is turned off. -Elecdonia
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm blushing with all the attention my welcome post received. I'm sure that I will enjoy this forum! And I hope to be able to assist those who are engaged in keeping their Carver gear up and running and sounding great. -Elecdonia
  5. Greetings! I recently learned about this site while browsing YouTube videos relating to repair/restoration of vintage Carver amplifiers. I myself am a "vintage" electronic engineer and former owner of an audio retail store (August Systems) and an electronic repair shop (Audio-Video Service Center) located in East Central Illinois. During my retail career I was a Carver dealer and authorized service center. Those parts of my career began in the 1970's and extended into the late 1990's. These day's I'm semi-retired but still restoring/repairing vintage audio gear for my f
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