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  1. Just picked up second M1.0t and let me tell ya I have almost achieved audio supremacy !! lol


    1. Maddmaster


      Get them both upgraded to mkII and you'll be more amazed and hooked.

  2. I purchased a Carver system in 1987 that am currently still original owner of to power a set of JBL L100t's , and am still totally blown away by sound and performance to this day . I did recently have the speakers re foamed and after listening to a set of Polk Audio's , am in love all over again , there really is no comparison. I have the CT 7 pre amp and TL 3100 cd player. This was close to $5000.00 in the day but the richness and pure power that rocked on was priceless . I met a lot of neighbours with this system ( yes some dressed in blue telling me to turn it down ) but they always said at least it sounded good loud. Anybody else running 33 year old gear with no issues to speak of?
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