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  1. I was stationed at Curaçao when I was in the Navy. Moved later back, because a company offered me a contract as a computer technician, after a while I decided to stay on the island, and work as a independent technician. below a picture of my gear, it’s a collection of equipment that I collected over the years. (I left the red Led’s in the C1’s because I like them more, than the blue, people use now a days) My latest addition is a Kyocera DA-910 CD player, that I hooked up with my Carver gear. And I must say, i am really impressed with this combination.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Will try to place some pictures, but still struggling with that 😬. yes I brought all my gear with me, did not bring much when I moved to Curaçao, only my stereo equipment, records. Tapes, CD’s books and my tools. Audio equipment is something, that was fascinating too me when I was a child and it still does. specially vintage gear, did never loose its magic too me.
  3. Hello my name is Boris I am from the Netherlands, but live momentarily on Curaçao. I looked for some time on this forum, to see all those nice Carver gear. for my self I own some Carver gear too, tree M500 amplifiers, that I sought and bought online, in broken condition that I repaired and upgraded to mk2 condition. and two C1 that I upgraded to Bill D specification. The M500 amplifiers I use to drive my Vandersteen 2ci loudspeakers, I use 2 in mono block configuration to drive the midsection, and one amplifier to drive the high section of the loudspeakers
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