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  1. Selling the SoundStreams that are the subject of this thread.
  2. Have decided to move in a different direction. Well be putting the C-1 and T-1 up for sale. Anyone interested please send pm. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Rod. I did see some of his stuff. Read about a Road Show he did with the C-1. Very cool idea the Road Show thing. Hopefully he'll find his way here over the weekend.
  4. Thanks Sk1Bum. I have old ears too...fortunately they don't need any "enhancements" yet to enjoy music Thanks for your old ear comparison of the M1.0t and the M500t. Been looking at the 500t and I like the old school meters. Would look great with my ancient reel-to-reel tape deck. Haven't used it in years, it just sits there for the coolness factor. I like the idea that it may be more musical too, that's their intended use...music! They also look to be about the same price point as the M1.0t which is good. And yup, the shoes are off, sipping some hooch, and list
  5. Found this site while researching some older Carver amps. Got my approval so here I am from Temecula CA. Looks like there's a fountain of knowledge residing here. After being stored away for the last 10 or 12 years I recently set up the Soundstream C-1 preamp I bought in 1990. Forgot how nice it was. Browsing the forums I see there are a few members familiar with the SS C-1. Listening to the C-1 for a couple weeks now I'm inspired to set up a separate audio system for my vinyl and cd's. I'm looking for a power amp to pair with the C-1. Seems the DA-1 is pretty sca
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