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  1. I have a DBX 3BX-DS, A Sony Equalizer SEQ-333ES (rare), Yamaha Stereo, 31 Band EQ Q2031, Sony STRD 4ES Receiver, Sony 5 Disc SACD player in my 2 Channel stack. Waiting for the C-16 to come so I can replace the Sony with that and my 1.0t that has been sitting for years, hopefully it still works.
  2. Thank-you for all the well wishes and the warm welcome. The journey begins, I just bought a C-16 and a TX8 so we will see how they do. Totally prepared to have to recap the C-16 given its age. Anyone know where there is a list of parts required or mods for that unit. I have looked around the site, still figuring it out. Sounds like this BiiD guy was the bomb, sorry I missed him. Anyone know who services these in British Columbia. After COVID, I will be able to deal with this stuff from my place in Blaine, WA where it is reasonable to ship to and from. I picked t
  3. I have been a fan of Carveer products since the early 80's when I purchased a M 1.0t I was so enthusiastic about Carver gear, when I was in Seattle on business, I drove to the Carver office in Lynnwood to see what the place looked like. I parked in Bob's parking stall (no one was there on a Sunday) I have a photo somewhere. Have admired Carver products from a distance however due to time constraints and financial constraints of raising a family music listening really got away from me and is one of my passions. Now I have time and some money, looking for a C or CT to drive my
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