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  1. Nice GTO. Looks like it runs good also. @Sk1Bum @Dennis47 I contacted @Nahash5150by email waiting to hear back, should be fun. Best place to post pictures when I get a chance?
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! @Daddyjt the speakers are home built, they consist of a line array tweeter, 26 tweeters per side, and then conventional 6 inch mid and a 12 woofer. The mid is a peerless and the woofer is an eminence kappa pro. I am using a single tapped horn kappa pro Lf for the subwoofer. It has taken tons of tuning but I am close to having it sorted out. @Turbo is that your goat in the profile picture? I have a 66 and a 69. @Brian_at_HHH the sansui is being used as amp only. The preamp was a bit of a rabbit hole. I bought some cheap tube preamps off of bang good, they were stere
  3. Hello everyone, as stated I am a new member, thought I would say hi. I have an active setup running two carvers and a sansui au-919. I use a carver a753x for both woofers and a single subwoofer, I use a tfm-45 for midrange and the sansui for highs. I also have a carver m1.5t ( I would like to get upgraded) and a carver pm-950. Thanks for letting me in!
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