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  1. I built a stereo cabinet into my wall when I finished my basement, complete with a panel for easy access to the back.
  2. Where did you have your gear refreshed? What did you have done?
  3. I'll be picking your brains on how the Carver components age. I had Kenwood KA-8100 (integrated amp) from the 70s. It used to be a great party stereo, but as it aged the bass faded to anemic levels & it became fatiguing to listen to. I would up selling rather than fixing that one. OTOH, I had 1978 Sony STR-V5 receiver. This was a true 70s monster receiver from the era when Sony stuff was actually impressive. It was a great looking piece of gear. The build quality was several notches above the Kenwood and it aged much better. It still sounded great when I parted wit
  4. Ah the 3.3. That was my holy grail speaker when I was a poor college student & the price was well beyond my means. I never owned them, but I have spent time with them. I remember needing lots of power to drive them. They had amazing imaging and deep, tight, controlled bass that never seemed boomy or sloppy. Side by side, I liked them better than some highly regarded speaks that cost 2 & 3 times as much. They are still highly regarded, and definitely a standout from a golden age of high end audio. Great find!
  5. Hello, I've always been interested in stereo equipment and high end audio. I sold mid/high end audio when I was in college during the mid 90s. I've owned lots of gear over the years. Most I only kept for a few years, then got bored and moved onto something else. I've found that for whatever reasons I'm partial to the Bob Carver and Ken Kantor designs. Carver and NHT seem to match really well together, at least to my ears...so that's what I've hung onto over the years. I've owned all this stuff since brand new. All is near mint to mint condition. Still have al
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